What Happened to Dragon Age: Inquisitions? WoW’s Broken Mechanics.

Let’s talk about what happened to my Dragon Age: Inquisitions play through and World of Warcraft’s broken mechanics.

It’s been awhile since I responded to questions so…let’s do this.

Krogan Wrex

Yes. I mentioned this a bit on Twitter but let me explain what happened. I upgraded to Windows 10 and was excited about it because my audio issues would be resolved. The upgrade went smooth but I noticed performance issues, especially after Windows 10 started updating – clashes with my Nvidia video card. Lots of people had issues. Slowly, the install started to degrade. I received more blue screens of death on Windows 10 than I ever did on Windows 7. The last update (about two weeks ago), I went to reboot and the computer would not reboot. Repair didn’t work – there are people complaining about this since the end of Sept. The only way to fix it was to reinstall Windows 7 then make the decision to retry Windows 10 again. That meant I lost my saved files on the hard drive. I wasn’t worried because I had cloud save on and I know it was connecting because every time I logged in, it shows connecting. When I went to load a save, this is what I saw.


What you didn’t know is that I started a new play through. I showed in previous videos that my game was broken. My party would stand in one spot, which is not fun when playing on hard mode. I didn’t make the same mistake I made last time of spending too long in Hinterlands. I lost those saved game files too. So I have the interesting situation where I have videos – and no saved games.

You can see I stopped playing the end of Sept. That’s around the time I started receiving Content ID matches on the videos. I am going to try turning sound effects off when I enter the inn but every time I enter the inn, music plays and that music gets flagged. That means no conversations with Bull, Sera, etc. in the inn.

I admit I needed a break from the game because I was annoyed. I decided while everyone is playing Fallout 4 (I haven’t purchased it), I will be in DA:I playing like a beast. My computer install is stable – I stopped using Nvidia Experience and changed the way I record the videos. That is why videos slowed in general on the channel – I was fixing these issues.

Yes, Dragon Age Inquisitions will continue and I sincerely apologize for the delays. It’s ridiculous, I know. Next question….


I thought about this and I don’t agree. Witcher, Fallout, even WoW are examples of games that tell stories. It doesn’t have to go to a Telltale Games level to tell a story. Even Assassin’s Creed tells a story. Not all games are meant to tell a story – but WoW is “known” for the Warcraft story so saying “We don’t have time” is an utter bullshit excuse in Blizzard’s case IMO, when we are in the middle of a content drought. I am glad they are expanding the story via the books, that is great and I think the books will most likely go into way more depth than players would experience. I think the comment “We don’t have time” would have been more appropriate if the game was packed with new content coming regularly (like monthly) and there literally wasn’t time to put it in the game. SWTOR is changing to be more story based. If they are successful, it might change the game for story-based MMOs. I get the point and even agree in some cases but Blizzard…grrr…maybe it’s Blizzard that is rubbing me the wrong way lol.


Absolutely and it is sad this happens. I don’t use LFR but I’ve heard countless stories like the one you just mentioned. World of Warcraft’s weakness in this area is why games like Final Fantasy XIV thrive. From what I’ve heard, their dungeons are challenging but people enjoy them. Changing the mechanics of LFR…I don’t know how to realistically fix this problem. I am curious how Guild Wars 2’s raids will work out long-term. Although it is a different type of play style (no trinity system), if they are challenging, that might be another alternative. And it’s sad that instead of trying to find a solution to WoW’s LFR problem, or even hoping there will be one, I automatically think of other games.

Speaking of new games show casing new mechanics…Blade & Soul, Black Desert, Devilian…step up your game Blizzard! And what ever happened to EverQuest Next? Mmmhhhmmm….

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