What’s behind door…

I think everyone gets to a point where they are standing in a long hall with many doors…which door should they walked through? Which choice is the right choice? Picking the right choice means realistically and objectively looking at the situation. That is what I am doing now – stepping back and taking a long look at my life.

Door 12 was the door I was going to pick. It made perfect sense once I wrapped my brain around it, but things change and Door 12 is locked, so I’m stuck thinking: what now? But there are a lot of little decisions that are dependent on the big decision. For example, this blog…do I still want to continue in the direction I was going or should I do something else? I have to consider the Ripple Effect.

Changing one thing in your life can effect other things in your life (Ripple Effect). Changing one thing on your blog might change the normal flow of things. There is always a risk that neat plugin is not secure or coded efficiently for performance. That link to the blog you think is cool is one people generally hate and you lose traffic. There are repercussions with everything we do.

So I’m standing in the hall, Door 12 is locked, what next? One thing I realize, looking at it objectively, is that the door I pick will effect other areas of my life, including the blog, so I need to decide just how important this blog is to me. Yeah, this new one lol. Perhaps “this blog” won’t be “the blog” – maybe I’ll pick another that compliments the changes I am making.

And that is my point – your blog should compliment you. I see so many people struggling with their blogs because the person changed and the blog stayed stagnant. The blog can grow and change with you or perhaps something different is needed like a new domain. Don’t feel sad if the decision is to stop blogging completely. Nothing lasts forever and you have to move on instead of holding on.

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