When a game character looks like your sister…

Shani looks so much like my sister. I am going to enjoy either playing as her or having her as part of my crew. The game seems to be developing nicely. I look forward to playing it.

While watching the Beyond Good and Evil 2 stream today, when they showed the gameplay portion I couldn’t help but think, “They put my sister Tori in the game!”

Shani (character) is a force to be reckoned with. If I can, I will make a character, recruit Shani on my team (as Tori), and it’s going to be ToriTyme taking over the world in that game. I don’t know which is more tempting, playing with Shani by my side as Tori or playing Shani as Tori <insert evil laugh here>. ️️

My sister and I hung out yesterday for the first time knowing we are sisters. It was so natural, like we weren’t apart for so many years. The first thing we did was hug and say, “I love you”. I’m going to write more about it, probably do a video about it, most likely talk non-stop about it haha! Tori talks about divine order and I believe things happen the way they should even if I don’t understand why at the time. I love that she is in my life now while I’m exploring life, for what feels like, the first time. The world can turn into chaos around us, but ToriTyme will be just fine.

I have another family tree update coming up. It’s interesting.

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