Your Thoughts Are Your Prayers

Don’t talk yourself out of things you want. Slowly, work towards them.

It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time to think about what we want for ourselves and our loved ones. This is the time of year when we make goals, set intentions, and pray for the things we desire. However, it’s important to remember that our thoughts can sometimes hold us back from achieving what we want. It’s crucial to focus on positivity and let go of any negative thoughts or self-doubt that might prevent us from manifesting our desires. By keeping a positive mindset and staying focused on our goals, we can make the most of this holiday season and bring our dreams to life.

The Prayer

Let’s consider a specific prayer: Please bless me with an Asus Nvidia RTX 3090 24 GB graphics card (because we’re specific when we pray, right?). Feel free to replace the 3090 with something you desire. It’s up to you to decide who or what you’re praying to – perhaps you’re setting the intention for yourself. In any case, the 3090 graphics card is the desired outcome. You pray for it faithfully.

Your Thoughts

However, an hour later, a thought crosses your mind: “The 3090 is a $3,500 graphics card. I can’t afford a $3,500 graphics card. How can I justify spending that much on a graphics card?” Later, you watch a video showing how well the 3090 handles ray tracing, and you think to yourself, “$3,500! And it’s the holidays! I can do this (but not really).” Then, the mail arrives, and it’s a stack of bills. Suddenly, the 3090 seems further and further out of reach.

The Contradiction

Praying for something but simultaneously having conflicting thoughts about what you’re praying for sends a mixed message. The issue here is that you know you can’t afford to spend $3,500 on a graphics card at this time. Throughout the day, you’re reminded of this fact. Most people have experienced the need to save and plan for a big purchase. If you continue to think you can’t afford it or can’t do it, you won’t take the necessary steps to obtain it.

The Solution

Instead of thinking “I can’t afford a 3090,” change your thoughts to “I’m working towards a 3090” or “I’m in the process of working towards getting a 3090.” This way, you’re not lying to yourself.

To support this change in thinking, set aside some money for it. Even if it’s just $1,00, slowly make progress towards your goal. Remember, small steps add up over time. Make sure your thoughts and actions align with your prayer. By changing how you think, you can ensure that the energy of your thoughts matches your prayers.

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