Your Thoughts Are Your Prayers

Don’t talk yourself out of things you want. Slowly, work towards them.

It’s the holidays. A time when we think about what we want for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s the time when we make goals or make our desires known by setting intentions or praying. Unfortunately, sometimes we let our thoughts get in the way of us getting what we want.

The Prayer

Let’s look at a random prayer: Please bless me with an Asus Nvidia RTX 3090 24GB graphics card (because we’re specific when we pray, right?). Feel free to replace a 3090 with something you desire. I’ll leave it to you to state whom or what you are praying to. Perhaps you’re setting the intent for yourself. Either way, a 3090 graphics card is the desire. You, faithfully, pray for it.

Your Thoughts

An hour later, the thought crosses your mind, “3090 is a $3,500 graphics card. I can’t afford a $3,500 graphics card. How can I justify spending $3,500 on a graphics card?” Later on, you watched a video showing how great the 3090 handles ray tracing. You think to yourself, “$3,500! And it’s the holidays! I can do this (but thinking “not really”).” The mail comes, and it’s a stack of bills. A 3090 looks further and further away.

The Contradiction

Praying for something but having contradicting thoughts about what you are praying for sends an inconsistent message. The problem: you know you can’t, at this time, afford to spend $3,500 on a graphics card. You are reminded of this fact throughout the day. The average person has experienced having to save and plan for a big purchase. If you keep thinking you can’t afford it or cannot do it, you won’t take the steps necessary to obtain it.

The Solution

Change your thoughts to, “I’m working towards a 3090” or “I’m in the process of working towards getting a 3090.” This way, you are not lying to yourself.

To back this up, put some money aside for it. Even if it’s $1.00, slowly make progress towards your goal. Small steps add up over time. Have your thoughts and actions match your prayer. Change how you think, so the energy of your thoughts matches your prayers.

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