• eveonline
    EVE Online: When is it too much?
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    EVE Online is known for some of the activities that happen in game. The wars, the cunning, the manipulation, the sneakiness and the patience it takes to pull off heinous crimes in the game like infiltrating a corporation, or stealing billions of ISK. A serious question: when is it too much? Is it too much […]

  • walkingdead season2
    Walking Dead – Season 2
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    I was excited to see Walking Dead Season 2 was released. We continue Clementine’s journey. She’s older, wiser and so tough for her age. If you are unfamiliar with this series, when the player makes decisions in the game, it directly impacts the ending. This means my play through will vary from another player. If […]

  • change
    Smite: Ultimate God Pack + Arena = WIN!
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    I haven’t played Smite in months. It wasn’t that I had a problem with the game, it’s fun to play. I was sidetracked by other games. Seeing all the changes in League of Legends, it reminded me of Smite, and I decided to play it. I also heard about the Ultimate God Pack and it’s […]

  • mylixiadance
    Make your content easy to share
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    I did a little experiment this morning. I uploaded a 40 second video of Mylixia dancing to Michael Jackson’s Bad to Facebook. It was a post to encourage people interested in League of Legends to check out his teaching stream. It was deleted – copyrighted content. I could appeal under fair use but it proves […]