Code of Ethics

The power of words and visuals shapes how people understand the world. As a writer, editor and content creator, I hold a responsibility to use that power ethically and with a genuine desire to inform and engage. This code of ethics serves as my guiding framework for producing work that reflects these values.

Code of Ethics:

  • Strive for accuracy and fairness: I will thoroughly research my topics and verify information before publication. I will present differing viewpoints fairly and avoid bias.
  • Respect my audience: I will use language that is inclusive and considerate, avoiding harmful stereotypes or generalizations.
  • Champion Clarity and Accessibility: I will strive for content that is easy to understand and navigate, considering the needs of all audiences.
  • Maintain Editorial Independence: I will resist any undue influence that could compromise the integrity of my content. I will disclose potential conflicts of interest.
  • Invite constructive dialogue: I will welcome feedback and respectful debate, fostering a space where diverse perspectives can be shared.
  • Value collaboration: I will work with editors and team members respectfully, valuing their input and expertise to produce the best possible content.