About Synnistry


Back in the day, I had a popular gaming site. I wrote about many games, but I fell in love with the lore about Azeroth, a world of fantastical creatures and epic quests. For nearly two decades (and across countless other games!), I’ve battled with keyboard and mouse, or sometimes a trusty controller. I’m blessed to have interacted with many cool people! But life threw an unexpected curveball – learning my father was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), after his passing, ignited a whole new quest within me.

With the help, I gained clarity on his condition’s impact on my life and began to set boundaries. Now, while I still love my virtual victories and daily Sudoku challenge, my focus has shifted inward.

This site is about the discoveries along my path of personal growth. It’s about embracing interests as diverse as science and tech, pop-culture analysis, and my gaming sessions. It’s a testament to the fact that most of us have a wonderful mix of passions. My goal is simple: to spark insights, ignite your inner fire, and prove that growth can start anywhere.

Ready to level up your life? Let’s go!

Read. Listen. Learn. Be Informed. Not Intimidated.