About Synnistry

Welcome to Synnistry

Synnistry is for people who enjoy playing video games…gamers. Or for people who have a special gamer(s) in their life. Synnistry explores all types of games via game play (let’s plays), previews and reviews. Gamers don’t only play games. We love technology, we like to look good, eat good food and listen to great music. We start businesses, get married and have kids…we accomplish a lot. Synnistry explorers all of these things. All the things related to the life of a gamer.

Read. Listen. Learn. Be Informed. Not Intimidated.

And who are you anyway?

My name is Tyme White, and I am the hostess of this site. I used to created one of the large first gaming sites years ago. Yes, I’m female and I love gaming. Just to clarify, even though I love gaming, I am not a kid. I’ve experienced a lot in life and learned a lot from those experiences. I don’t claim to be an expert because I am always learning new things.

The last thing I want to say is that I am not one to crave attention, the spotlight, etc. I am more the behind the scenes person, which is why it is almost killing me to write this page. There are some blogs where you can tell they live off of how many readers they have, how many people linked to them, how much they are being talked about, whether it is positive or negative. I’m the exact opposite of that. If what I write benefits one person, it’s worthwhile to me. So this may never be the most popular blog because that is not my intent. It’s to help, grow, share and learn.

Updated November 30, 2015