BTS Runs with Ninjas in Epic “Not Today” Music Video

“Not Today” is the second single of BTS’ repackaged album Wings: You Never Walk Alone.

K-pop group BTS released the music video for their new single “Not Today” on February 20th.

“Not Today” is an aggressive, energetic anthem calling on the underdogs to stand up and fight for what they believe in. The music video is aesthetically beautiful,  the choreography is amazing, everybody’s hair color is on point (especially Rap Monster with his purple hair) and even better, there are ninjas dancing alongside the members. NINJAS!

“Not Today” is the second single of Wings: You Never Walk Alone, the reissue of BTS’ widely successful and record breaking 2016 album Wings. The first single  “Spring Day”  was released on February 13th, the same day the album was released.

You can purchase both the left and right CD versions of Wings: You Never Walk Alone or you can download the digital album.