• mylixiadance
    Make your content easy to share
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    I did a little experiment this morning. I uploaded a 40 second video of Mylixia dancing to Michael Jackson’s Bad to Facebook. It was a post to encourage people interested in League of Legends to check out his teaching stream. It was deleted – copyrighted content. I could appeal under fair use but it proves […]

  • lucian3
    Riot Games, delays and their growth
    Posted in: Business

    I just started playing League of Legends, a game I wanted to play for awhile and I enjoy watching others play. I avoided it because the community is known to be very toxic and I do not have the patience for that type of immature behavior. In the end, it is a game. Rage at […]

  • pauladeen
    My thoughts on Paula Deen
    Posted in: Business

    My apologies for having to re-upload the video. For some reason, this video did not want to cooperate when it came to volume control. I’m glad to see Neverwinter thriving. The game has features that I wish were in other games, for example, the vendor in the dungeon/quest area. If I wanted to complete everything, […]

  • The work behind success
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    Have you ever wanted something but, when told the amount of work it would take to achieve it, you decided you did not want it “that bad”? I have. An example, when I was younger I wanted to be a doctor, until I realized how long I would have to go to school, and how I most likely would still worry about my patients even though my shift was over. I enjoy helping people but that was too much of an investment for me, so I left it alone.

    Everyday I see people who want to have millions of people reading their site or using their apps, but do not want to put in the work to achieve that success. They think they can spend a couple of hours a day maximum and have a site that everyone wants to read.

    Let’s look at what it really takes to have a successful site.