Victory…sort of…

I've been looking for an old friend for a long time. To make a long story short, I was told he was dead and...

Be Yourself – Do Your Thang

How much personal information should you share? The true answer is: it will be different for everyone.

You think you’re holding a private conversation…NOT!

I hope if someone is overhearing my conversation, I'm saying something juicy.

What do you say when your daughter asks you…

My daughter asked me about "real love". Inquisitive one, she is. I find people ask this question when they have feelings for someone who is not acting like they have feelings in return. They have the answer but do not want to accept the answer.


Many spouses got involved with people of the opposite sex online and did not think they were doing anything wrong. Seriously?

J.K. Rowling feels guilty about being rich

J.K. Rowling said she feels guilty about being rich. Yet she continues to pursue making money.

The daughter’s drama filled birth

I love my daughter very much, as well as my son, but my daughter taught me the real meaning of pain. It was the beginning of our journey that so far, is turning out to be rather epic. The days and days of labor was more than worth it.

My son’s birth: funny now but it wasn’t then

Mom and I were talking about childbirth and you know how that goes. You start talking about your own. Her stories are always short: I went into labor, woke up and you were there! Mine...haha, not so much. Both of mine have a story behind them.