Dragon Age: Origins #61 ~ Grey Wardens turn to Darkspawn when they die?

My apologies on the delay for uploading these. The Minecraft and Dragon Age: Origin videos were recorded on the same day and suffered a Fraps (the software I use to record) glitch, which has been fixed via patch, but makes editing the video recorded tedious. I’m glad Fraps fixed it quickly…one of the reasons why I’ve used them for so many years.

In this video, we learn about the joining ceremony. The lore brought up ethical issues for me. There is so much I think people joining should know before they join. If you knew the drawbacks of joining BEFORE joining….would you join?

Of course, that is why they keep it a secret. If people knew…they wouldn’t join! I struggle with the morality of keeping it a secret. For example, people sign up for the military knowing they could die, yet they still join. Yes, they draw people with perks but the idea is the same. I think. I suppose the possibility of dying in the military is less than knowing that joining greatly decreases life expectancy.