Andor: Reckoning ~ An Intense Pursuit Unfolds S1E3

Cassian meets with Luthen. Bix learns who tipped off the authorities about Cassian.

Summary (TL;DR)

In “Reckoning,” both Luthen Rael and Syril Karn search for Cassian on Ferrix. Chaos erupts as the people of Ferrix create their own warning signals to signify the officers’ presence in their city. Bix learns that Timm is the one who tipped off the authorities about Cassian, but he’s killed by the officers shortly afterward. Cassian meets Luthen, hands over the stolen Imperial unit, and is invited to join the rebels. He and Luthen manage to evade the officers as they escape from Ferrix.

From Another Life

The third episode of Andor gives us another round of flashbacks of his past. Following the death of one of the tribe’s children, Kassa/Cassian (Antonio Viña) boards the crashed vessel by himself. Everyone on the ship is dead and covered in an odd golden-yellow sheen. Upset, he begins destroying the ship’s interior. That’s when he runs into a young Maarva (Fiona Shaw) and Clem Andor (Gary Beadle), along with a newer model of B2EMO/Bee (voiced by Dave Chapman), who are searching for fuel modules. When Bee alerts them about another Republic ship approaching, Maarva decides to inject Kassa with something that knocks him out. She chooses to take him with them out of fear that the Republic would kill him.

The Chase is On

In the present, both Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) and Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) arrive on Ferrix in their respective search of Cassian. When Bix (Adria Arjona) meets with Luthen, she explains the complexities surrounding Cassian’s situation, unaware that he has been identified.

Syril and his team head to Maarva’s house with a warrant, determined to locate Cassian. Maarva refuses to disclose Cassian’s whereabouts, leading the officers to ransack his room in search of evidence. Just as Syril’s team appears to be closing in on Cassian, he sends Maarva a message through B2EMO, inadvertently revealing his location.

Chaos in the Streets

The people of Ferrix rally to help Cassian by creating chaos and distraction to thwart the guards’ pursuit. They bang on metal objects to signal Syril’s presence, and warn citizens of what’s going on.

Bix learns that Karn is in town and realizes Timm (James McArdle) is the one who betrayed Cassian. Hurt by his betrayal, she sets off in search of Cassian but is detained by the guards due to her suspicious behavior. Timm attempts to intervene, but is fatally shot by the officers. The guards cuff Bix to a piece of equipment and leave Timm’s body to bleed out.

Cassian’s Encounter with Luthen

Cassian finally meets Luthen at an abandoned building and hands over the Imperial unit he had stolen. Impressed by the unit’s quality, Luthen gets Cassian to admit to the theft by exploiting the Imperials’ arrogance to slip through their defenses. Acknowledging Cassian’s resourcefulness, Luthen invites him to leave Ferrix and join the rebels.

“These days will end, Cassian Andor,” Luthen says. “The way they laugh, the way they push through a crowd. The sound of that voice telling you to stop, to go, to move. Telling you to die. Don’t you want to fight these bastards for real?”

A Tense Escape

As they hear the town’s warning signals, Cassian and Luthen realize they’ve left the unit behind in the building. Their attempt to retrieve it results in a shootout with the Corpos officers, but they fail to retrieve the stolen unit. 

During their escape from the building, Cassian ambushes Syril, holding him at gunpoint. Luthen urges Cassian to kill him, but instead, Cassian interrogates Syril about the number of men he brought along and leaves him tied up and gagged. Cassian and Luthen manage to escape from Ferrix with the aid of a decoy speeder as a distraction. Cassian and Luthen evade the officers by using a decoy speeder as a distraction and escape from Ferrix.

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