Baldur’s Gate 1 Lore: The Orphan’s Journey

An orphaned hero’s journey begins in the ancient fortress of Candlekeep, unveiling a grand conspiracy, and a lost heritage.

Summary (TL;DR)

In the year 1368 dal reckoning, an orphaned hero raised in Candlekeep embarks on a quest with their friend Imoen, guided by their mentor Gorion, to uncover the cause of an iron shortage plaguing the Sword Coast. As they delve deeper, they stumble upon a vast conspiracy orchestrated by their half-brother Sarevok, leading to a climactic battle to prevent a war and fulfill their destiny as a Bhaalspawn, the offspring of the Lord of Murder.

Mysterious Threats

The tale begins in the year 1368 dal reckoning, a century before the events of Baldur’s Gate 3. As the player character, you grew up alongside your dear friend Imoen under the watchful eye of Gorion, a wise and skilled mage. Candlekeep, an ancient fortress-turned-library in the tranquil Sword Coast region, served as your home. This fortress housed the largest collection of writings in the land of Faerûn, a vast continent on the world of Toril, encompassing the Sword Coast, Amn, and Tethyr.

Throughout your time at Candlekeep, you immersed yourself in countless stories and knowledge, but one story remained elusive: your own. Gorion never revealed the details of your past. You were orphaned very young with no knowledge of your true origins. Despite the mystery, you cherished Gorion’s care and guidance, content to have him as your guardian. Deep down, you were curious.

However, strange occurrences plagued the Sword Coast. Iron production ceased, and any existing metal quickly crumbled. Bandits, obsessed with iron over any other treasure, roamed the countryside. Even within the fortified walls of Candlekeep, mercenaries with hostile intent appeared, unsettling your safe haven.

A Fateful Departure

Gorion’s behavior grew worrisome, and when you questioned him, he remained tight-lipped about his concerns. One fateful day, he abruptly instructed you to gather your belongings, for you were to leave Candlekeep. Without a proper explanation, he gave you what little gold he could spare and instructed you to meet him outside the library. Thus, you embarked on an uncertain journey alongside Gorion, leaving behind the only home you had ever known. He warned you that if you were ever separated, seek out Jahira and Khalid at the Friendly Arm inn, as they would offer assistance.

Tragedy struck shortly after you left Candlekeep when you and Gorion were ambushed by bandits led by a mysterious “armored figure.” When Gorion refused to hand you over, a deadly confrontation ensued, and he bravely fought to protect you but fell in the battle. Escaping the ambush, you encountered Imoen, who had secretly followed you after discovering a note about your journey on Gorion’s desk. She, too, witnessed Gorion’s murder and insisted on accompanying you on your quest.

In search of safety, you found the nearby cities closed off to outsiders. Candlekeep required a rare and valuable book for admission, and Baldur’s Gate was inaccessible due to the bandit threat. To survive and find answers, you teamed up with fellow adventurers, setting out to uncover the cause of the iron shortage. This journey led you to the Nashkel mines, the source of iron production, where you discovered a deeper conspiracy.

Unveiling the Conspiracy

Kobolds were contaminating the iron in the mines, and evidence linked the mine operation to the iron-hunting bandits. These bandits were revealed to be part of a vast mercenary organization known as the Iron Throne, intent on seizing control of the Sword Coast. They planned to divert the iron supply to their own armies, stockpiling plundered resources in a hidden mine within the Cloakwood forest. As you sabotaged the mercenaries in the Cloakwood mines, the pressure on Baldur’s Gate was alleviated, allowing the city to reopen, and you could confront the local Iron Throne leaders at their headquarters.

Enrolled by the Flaming Fist city guard in Baldur’s Gate to investigate the Iron Throne, you found no conclusive evidence. Returning to Candlekeep to spy on a meeting of the Iron Throne leaders, you discovered the fortress partially taken over by Doppelgängers and encountered the mysterious figure named Koveras. Soon after parting ways with Koveras, you were accused of murdering the Iron Throne leaders, whether framed or not, and the only escape route was through the catacombs below the monastery.

Having managed to flee the catacombs, you returned to Baldur’s Gate, but your situation grew dire as you remained a fugitive, seeking to unearth the truth behind the murders in Candlekeep. Your investigations ultimately revealed a grand scheme masterminded by the “armored figure” known as Sarevok.

The Revelation

The shocking revelation came to light that Sarevok was your half-brother, and both of you were children of the deceased Lord of Murder, Bhaal. This explained your mysterious past and raised questions about your destiny. Sarevok’s plans went far beyond the Iron Throne facade; he aimed to spark a war between Baldur’s Gate and the kingdom of Amn to the south. His sinister plot sought to cause enough devastation to ascend as the new Lord of Murder.

In the climactic confrontation, you faced your brother Sarevok, vanquishing him and sending his corrupted soul back to Bhaal. This remarkable journey unveiled your true heritage and the immense responsibility you now bore as a Bhaalspawn, forever altering the fate of the Sword Coast and the world of Toril.

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