Bound by Order: The Rise of the Dracthyr Soldiers

The dracthyr awoke from their long stasis with blurred memories, feeling betrayed caused by Neltharion’s actions.

Summary (TL;DR)

In a time of rising tensions between Dragon Aspects and Primal Incarnates, Neltharion creates the dracthyr, combining dragons’ might with mortals’ adaptability. After a cataclysmic war, the dracthyr are sealed away for thousands of years. In the present day, they awaken, forming weyrns and seeking to reclaim their place in the world. Joining the Algeth’ar Academy, they rediscover dragon knowledge and embark on a journey of redemption, leaving their mark in a conflicted and ever-changing Azeroth.

Neltharion’s Vision and the Looming War

In a time long ago, tensions between the Dragon Aspects and the Primal Incarnates were mounting. Neltharion, the Earth-Warder and leader of the black dragonflight, foresaw an imminent war. While some, like Alexstrasza, believed that diplomacy could quell the brewing conflict, Neltharion saw potential in the emerging mortal races across the world. He was determined to create the perfect soldiers, ones that combined the strength of dragons with the adaptability of mortals. Thus, the dracthyr were born.

The creation process of dracthyr remained shrouded in mystery, and their dark history was recorded within the Aberrus, Shadowed Crucible. Countless gruesome experiments were conducted, often using drakonids as subjects, before anything remotely resembling a dracthyr emerged.

Unlike other dragonkin, the dracthyr were meant to embody the strengths of all five dragonflights, rendering them versatile and powerful warriors. Neltharion established the Forbidden Reach as a secret training ground for the dracthyr and infused them with magic using the Oathbinder, a titan relic that bound them to his will.

Ancient Enemies Clash

The Primal Incarnates, ancient proto-dragons who opposed dragonkind and sought to cleanse the world of the Pantheon’s influence, added fuel to the growing tensions. Around 20,000 years ago, a cataclysmic war erupted between the Primalists and the dragonflights. Iridikron, in particular, fully embraced the war and resorted to terrible bargains to sustain their cause.

Despite Alexstrasza’s efforts to restore peace, the war persisted, and the Primal Incarnates were eventually defeated. The Oathbinder was destroyed, and the surviving Incarnates were imprisoned within the titanic Vault of the Incarnates by Alexstrasza, while Raszageth was sealed away in the Froststone Vault within the Forbidden Reach. 

Without the Oathbinder to directly control the dracthyr, Neltharion deemed the dracthyr a risk and sought the help of his friend Malygos to contain them. Thus, the dracthyr were sealed away in magical stasis beneath the Forbidden Reach, forgotten for 20,000 years.

The Dracthyr’s Struggle to Reconcile the Past

In the present day, a modern incarnation of the Primalists led by Kurog Grimtotem freed Raszageth, unleashing a magical surge that awakened the dracthyr. Although their memories were blurred after such a long slumber, they still remembered Neltharion as their general and father.

Feeling hurt and betrayed by Neltharion’s actions, the dracthyr decided to reclaim their place in the world and organized themselves into weyrns, factions with specific roles and leaders. The weyrns included: the Obsidian Warders, tasked with defending the black dragonflight’s allies and strongholds, the Dark Talons, who harrowed their enemies’ skies, and the Healing Wings, skilled in preservation and healing. The Adamant Vigil, acted as the eyes and ears of the black dragonflight.

Eventually, many dracthyr Freshscales and Eager Freshscales joined the Algeth’ar Academy to learn about the powers of the dragonflights and pledge their service. The Academy, once a place of higher learning for dragons, reopened under the guidance of Headteacher Doragosa and welcomed students from various backgrounds, not just dragons.

As the dracthyr venture forth into the world, eager to prove themselves and forge their own destinies, they carry the weight of their past but remain determined to leave a mark on history. Their journey in Azeroth promises to be full of new knowledge and discoveries for all who seek it.

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