Every action has a consequence

I’ve often said that any decision can change the direction of your life forever. I usually use the scenario of a hall of doors one can walk through or forks in a road one has to pick from. Every action has a consequence, good or bad. Success (maintaining it) is the result of many good […]

To friend or not friend, that is the question…

“I do not know if this has happened to anybody, but this morning I log on to Facebook and I have a new friend request!” wrote 19-year-old Mike Yeamans, a sophomore at James Madison University, on one of several “No Parents on Facebook” groups that have popped up on the site. “I am excited to […]

Stay on topic and that influential bloggers list is bunk

I read NxE’s list of the 50 most influential bloggers. By the time I got to #1 I was laughing at the ridiculousness of it. If you read the trackbacks and comments it’s pretty obvious the list is whacked. And let me disclaim – no, I don’t think I should have been on the list. […]

GoDaddy: judge and jury deleting domains

MySpace demanded that GoDaddy pull the plug on Seclists.org, which hosts some 250,000 pages of mailing list archives and other resources, because a list of thousands of MySpace usernames and passwords was archived on the site. GoDaddy complied. In a move that Seclists.org owner Fyodor Vaskovich said happened with no prior notice, the company deleted […]

The A-List shuffle is finally happening

2007 predictions. The next week or so there will be many entries about it. When I read those, I think: who cares? Really, what shall be shall be. Occasionally I come across one that intrigues me. Mapping the Web has an interesting one: Bridging the gap: Up until recently, the gap between A-list bloggers and […]