Celebrating 3 Years of My DNA Family Tree Journey

3 years ago I received my AncestryDNA results. I’m blessed to have awesome family members.

It’s been three years since I took my AncestryDNA test, and eleven years since I first joined Ancestry. If someone had told me back then how much I would come to value working on my family tree, I would have laughed. But now, it’s something that’s important to me and a priority in my life.

I’ve spent a lot of time going through my DNA matches, trying to figure out how we’re connected. I still have a lot of work to do, with over 9,000 matches left to make notes on. Viewing my DNA matches daily, I’m always seeking to learn more about my family history. I was more engaged during the recent RootsTech conference. I’ve been fortunate to connect with some amazing relatives that I didn’t even know I had. Some of these connections have even developed into close family bonds.

I’m also excited about a recent contact who may be able to help me understand how my Texas DNA matches are related to me. My family tree extends to many parts of the world, including Texas, Australia, the Bahamas, Africa, and even Sweden. I’m looking forward to continuing to explore my family history and connecting with my relatives in the years to come.

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