Celebrating 3 Years of My DNA Family Tree Journey

3 years ago I received my AncestryDNA results. I’m blessed to have awesome family members.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of taking my AncestryDNA test and this month will be my 11th year on Ancestry. If someone told me, 11 years ago, how important working on the family tree would be to me, I would have laughed. It’s important to me. It’s a priority. I realized how much when I, manually, went through all 17,000+ of my DNA matches to save some of them from being purged. There are 9, 828 matches I still have to make a note on to try to determine how we are connected. I look at my DNA matches daily. RootsTech ended last week, so you know I was MIA for a couple of days. I saved many videos to watch during the upcoming months. I am always seeking more knowledge.

I am so blessed. Through my DNA test, I’ve found family members I didn’t know I had, that are awesome people. I love interacting with them as we try to figure out our family history. Some I’ve created a family bond with as if we’ve known each other all our lives. I was contacted by someone the other day, that I look forward to talking to, that potentially opened up me figuring out how my Texas DNA matches and I are related. I have lots of family in Texas. And Australia. Bahamas. Sweden. Oh, and I found ancestors the other day I know are direct descendants from Africa (1700s), so I’m trying to trace them. 

Let me stop before this becomes a book. Looking forward to more years connecting with my family. 💖

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