Devilian Information and Evoker Gameplay

Let’s take a look at Devilian, a free to play action role-playing game (ARPG)  made by the same company as TERA and published by Trion Worlds. Yes, I said Trion, not Enmasse. The game is quest based, with a full storyline. There are four classes. A fifth class, Death Scythe, will be added soon after post-launch, which is the end of 2015. There is no trinity system in the game. Each class should be able to hold their own in game and they have no intention of adding “dedicated” classes like healers. When it comes to customization, it is minimal. The classes are gender locked, which is somewhat standard for ARPGs. There is a Devilian form, which is more powerful, and could be previewed here but I wanted my form to be a surprise as you get it early in game.

Everything is not voiced, this is the tutorial – which I think is pretty good. What does this game have to offer? There are raids, consisting of 9 players (3 parties of 3). There is world PvP in select areas around open world bosses. Players can work towards PvP kill achievements. The max level is 50 but there are Paragon type levels. Once you hit 50, you can continue to level your character to a max level of 52. Or you can invest the experience points to other areas. Currently, you cannot use your Devilian form in PvP. The game has crafting, several ways to customize and buff your character for example adding passives via Talismans or using the skill tree. You can run dungeons solo or with a group. There are guilds. allowing guild alliances and you can go to war against other guilds, meaning all the members of the rival guild can be killed on sight. You can also do arena battles against other guilds.

Being the tutorial, I’m going to speed up the game play a bit so we can move on the higher content. The final boss of this area will be in real time. At the end of the video, you will see the login system. Players save up their points to receive items that are in the store, like inventory slots. This does a lot, in my opinion, to show good faith against pay to win items in the store.