EVE Online: Not a dark scary place?

I’m referring to these articles: High-Sec piracy is practically irrelevant and EVE is more casual friendly than WoW.

Basically, he is saying that EVE is not scary nor dangerous and it is more casual friendly than World of Warcraft. To prove this, he shows his profile where he hauled billions of ISK, said what he was hauling on his blog, and no one messed with him.

What do you think?

If that “is” the case, and CCP tried to change it (at this late date), the game would lose it’s sandbox nature because it would be forcing people to PvP. Sandbox means having the ability to opt-out.

I recorded this a while back and forgot to upload it. Currently, I’ve started mining…even did some mining ops with my corp. Fun times!

Mission Completed in the video: The Missing Reporters Part 1