Has Microsoft failed as a company?

As a business, is it possible to “fail” and make millions in profits? Or is it that the people who say a company has failed (when it is profitable) aren’t the company’s target audience?

Has Microsoft failed as a company?

A company that makes billions is not a failure. True, they do not seem as important as they once were. Important IMO is not the right word, respected is better. Companies rely on Microsoft products and the dependence on Microsoft in those terms is important. Too many people base their careers on Microsoft (for example certifications) to be considered unimportant. Respect – that’s a completely different story. I use Microsoft products but I do not have the high regard I once held for the company and when Bill Gates leaves, unless something spectacular happens, will most likely diminish further. If a company is making millions there is importance.

Vista not being released is a weak argument. It’s the equivalent of saying Blizzard is a failure because they pushed back the Burning Crusade expansion, yet it is the dominant MMORPG. Vista does have similar features that the Apple OS has, but let’s be honest. Microsoft users requested those features and providing them was wise. I had high expectations for Vista and one thing as a Microsoft user I will not tolerate is another ridiculously long wait for a upgrade but again, the truth is the average user could care less about that. I’m not the average user.

Internet Explorer is a failure to me. I only use it when absolutely necessary and I feel like it is a dinosaur but once again, I am not their target market. Their target market is tickled with Internet Explorer.

And that’s the difference. Apple users, for example, tend to be more tech minded. Microsoft users are not so it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Both fruits but very different. Of course Apple users think Microsoft is weak, but those people are not Microsoft’s target market.

Microsoft has a responsibility to their target market and their shareholders. Both are happy. Seems like a success to me.

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