Have You Heard of ATEEZ Yet?

Catching up on things I missed during the fall, I rediscovered ATEEZ.

Back in May 2018, a video went viral of an unheard K-Pop group dancing to Famous Dex – Pick It Up (Feat. A$AP Rocky)…in a parking lot.

The video now has over 2 million views. When I first saw it, the video was creeping close to 1 million views. This was the first time I heard of KQ Fellaz, now known as ATEEZ. To be shot in a parking lot, this is a good quality video. The choreography is nice, done by King Guttah. As I started to enjoy the clip, it ended too soon. I enjoyed the performance but I hoped they changed the name. I made note to look out for the group.

Happy I Procrastinated

Fast forward to January 2, 2019. In an effort to be more organized, I was going through the long list of things I missed during the fall. October – December was a busy time for me. My jaw dropped when I saw this video.

ATEEZ – Treasure

I was confused. I try to keep up with rookie groups. I knew I’d seen the group before but, initially, I could not place them. I refused to Google it because I wanted to remember on my own. I was assuming it was a rookie group because the name was unfamiliar to me. The problem? Rookie debut videos don’t usually look this good. The location is beautiful. The shots are well done. I checked the channel and there was a second video.

ATEEZ – Pirate King

Personally, I prefer Pirate King over Treasure. Watching Pirate King, I began to wonder if the guy with the purple hair was same guy that danced in the garage in the viral video. He was! As I re-watched the video, I was able to place other members. The group’s name changed from KQ Fellaz to ATEEZ. They debuted October 24, 2018, with the mini-album Treasure EP.1: All to Zero. They are under the label KQ Entertainment, home of Block B (under the subsidiary Seven Seasons) and Babylon, among others. This explains why their debut videos looks so polished. KQ Entertainment is not a large company, but they have experience.

The stylists did a great job with their looks. They each have a distinct look yet their combined look is cohesive. For example:

Wooyoung, Main Dancer of ATEEZ

Props to the stylist for this look. His name is Wooyoung. Ironically, he was a trainee at BigHit Entertainment. His role model is Jimin from BTS, who is also signed under BigHit Entertainment.

Hongjoong, Leader of ATEEZ

The company seems to be attempting to make the group self-sufficient. Hongjoong, the Leader, is a composer. It has been said he has written a number of songs for the group already.

Finding ATEEZ was a happy surprise. I was glad I procrastinated in putting their information in my lists to keep track of them. I didn’t make that mistake a second time. I look forward to their next comeback.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with them, they have a YouTube channel, V Live, Instagram and Twitter account. They update them regularly.

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