Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Recap: Like Mother, Like Moon Girl – Unmasking Gentrification S1E11

Lunella faces challenges as she becomes the face of a new initiative to revitalize the LES.

Summary (TL;DR)

Lunella becomes the face of a neighborhood revitalization initiative led by the Muzzlers. However, she realizes their plans are erasing the neighborhood’s culture and community. With the support of her mother and the community, Lunella stands up against the Muzzlers and successfully saves the Lower East Side, learning the importance of standing up for her beliefs and making a difference.

Unintended Role Model

The episode begins with Moon Girl and Devil stopping an out-of-control driverless car on their way to an important event. The duo is awarded Community Captain medals by Council President Diego Peña for their contributions to the Lower East Side. Adria explains to her daughter Lunella that because Moon Girl is viewed as an idol in her community, it’s her responsibility to set an example and be a voice for the people. This terrifies Lunella, as becoming a role model was never her intention.

A Deal with the Muzzlers

Later, Lunella is summoned to the city council, where she is introduced to Marty and Marcy Muzzler — inventors of a sound-dampening device who coincidentally own the runaway car Lunella stopped earlier. The middle-aged couple aims to utilize their inventions to enhance the LES for the better. A hesitant Lunella agrees to support their initiative to help her neighborhood.

At first, it seems the Muzzlers’ technology is genuinely improving things. They initiate a food truck program, install new streetlights, and remove graffiti. However, Lunella, Casey, and Devil soon notice that street vendors are being replaced by chain restaurants and vending machines selling flavorless snacks. Graffiti artists are vanishing, and the sense of community is dissipating. While battling the villain Flying Fox, Moon Girl is reprimanded for playing music during their confrontation. Everything that once defined the LES as a vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood has been eradicated.

When Lunella confronts Peña and the Muzzlers, it becomes clear that the inventors intend to reshape the LES into a bland and quiet town through aggressive gentrification. Peña refuses to oppose the Muzzlers due to their substantial donations. He also admits that Community Captain is merely an empty title, so Lunella has no actual power. After her block party is canceled, Adria confronts Moon Girl — unaware that she is her daughter — for supporting the Muzzlers’ initiative. Instead of enhancing the neighborhood, Moon Girl helped to erase its cultural identity. 

Finding a Voice

Devastated by her mother’s words, Lunella sulks at home when Adria attempts to talk with her. Using the student council as a pretext to address the situation, Adria encourages Lunella to use her voice to speak out.

When the Muzzlers call off another block party, Moon Girl teams up with Adria and the community as they battle to reclaim their neighborhood. Donning flying supersuits, the Muzzlers employ their mega muzzler to silence Moon Girl, Devil, and all the protesters. However, the LES residents find ways to make noise by stomping and banging on objects. Even Peña joins the fight, finally standing up for himself. Using the same device she used to hack into the Muzzlers’ car, Moon Girl employs it to deactivate their supersuits, defeating them. Moon Girl sends the Muzzlers’ directly to S.H.I.E.L.D via their own AI-powered car. Lunella thanks her mother for her advice, while Adria remains oblivious to the fact that her daughter is Moon Girl — even after admitting that Lunella reminds her of the teenage hero.

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