Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Recap: Today, I Am a Woman – Casey’s Bat Mitzvah Extravaganza S1E12

Casey’s ego spirals out of control as she plans her bat mitzvah.

Short Story (TL;DR): Lunella helps her best friend Casey plan her bat mitzvah. Lunella decides to show up as Moon Girl, but Casey’s behavior draws a rift between her and Lunella. During the bat mitzvah, Lunella’s Moon Girl tech is stolen by influencer & thief Odessa Drake. Lunella and Casey confront Odessa and defeat her together. The bat mitzvah is a success, and Odessa is picked by the new Captain America, Sam Wilson (formerly known as the Falcon).

Bat Mitzvah Blues

Lunella and Devil try to capture Rockin’ Rudy, but he eludes them once again by hitting Devil in the groin as he drives under the red dinosaur. They’ll have another opportunity to catch him, but for now, Lunella is en route to Casey’s house for dinner with the Goldberg-Calderon family.

While enjoying Puerto Rican-Jewish fusion cuisine, Lunella asks about Casey’s upcoming bat mitzvah. This ceremony symbolizes a girl’s transition into adulthood under Jewish law, making her responsible for her actions and participation in the Jewish community. Casey feels pressured to compete with her wealthy and snobbish triplet cousins, Lara, Laura, and Laurel. Their bat mitzvah was a lavish event featuring prototype VR games, a kangaroo petting zoo, and recognition from Casey’s favorite influencer, Odessa Drake. Casey’s dads, Isaac and Antonio, share the story of their wedding — it was a small, quiet ceremony surrounded by their chosen family. The important thing was celebrating with the people that mattered most.

While Casey is moved by her fathers’ story, her anxiety returns once she learns her cousins will attend her bat mitzvah. At Intermediate School 833, Lunella announces that Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will be at Casey’s bat mitzvah, generating hype that leads to Odessa asking Casey for an invitation.

A Bat Mitzvah to Remember

On the big day, the red carpet has been rolled out in front of the temple. Casey makes a grand entrance by arriving on Devil’s tail, performing pirouettes in the air before being carried to the ground by Moon Girl, and walking the red carpet. The triplets arrive shortly afterward, but they’re left speechless when Odessa’s car pulls up. Odessa shows interest in Moon Girl’s tech and asks her to showcase her bubble blaster. She performs an elaborate demonstration for the crowd, but Casey is more focused on people’s reactions on social media. As Casey’s followers increase, so does her ego.

Moon Girl wishes to change out of her costume, so she can attend the ceremony as Lunella. However, Odessa urges Casey to keep Moon Girl outside to entertain the crowd. Lunella finally reaches her breaking point and drags Casey to a photo booth to confront her. At first, Casey is confused about why Lunella is so upset — which reinforces Lunella’s belief that Casey cares more about throwing an epic party than their friendship. Lunella walks away, and Casey realizes her mistake after seeing photos of their argument.

The Clash at the Temple

Lunella plans to leave but discovers her backpack, containing her Moon Girl gear, is missing. She’s shocked to discover that Odessa is the culprit. The Beyonder reveals that Odessa is the daughter of the head of New York’s Thieves Guild. She specializes in stealing superhero tech and weaponry, fencing it to fund her life as an influencer.

Odessa admits she only attended Casey’s bat mitzvah to get her hands on Moon Girl’s gear. She escapes inside the temple with Moon Girl right behind her. The two clash, but Lunella struggles to gain the upper hand now that Odessa has her tech. Meanwhile, Casey is miserable during her Torah reading, regretting her behavior and missing Lunella. Instead of delivering a prepared speech, Casey admits she had forgotten the real point of her bat mitzvah. She expresses gratitude for her two fathers and Lunella — right as Moon Girl and Odessa come crashing through the doors.

Moon Girl knocks Odessa down while Casey uses her scarf to create makeshift restraints. A furious Odessa threatens to post a negative review of Casey’s bat mitzvah, but Casey remains unfazed. The triplets destroy Odessa’s phone, declaring it the best bat mitzvah ever.

Casey apologizes to Lunella and invites her to watch her redo her Torah reading. The rest of the ceremony goes off without a hitch…until everyone goes to the buffet and finds that Devil ate all the food. Lunella suggests moving the party to Roll With It, where everybody is having a good time.

A Surprise Cameo 

But what about Odessa? Lunella locked her in the temple’s coatroom and “made a few calls” for someone to pick her up. The last we see of Odessa, she’s struggling to untie herself until Sam Wilson, the second Captain America, opens the door. Unfortunately, we only see him from behind, but it’s clear he’s not happy with Odessa for stealing his shield.

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