Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 2 Recap: The Borough Bully

Lunella drives herself crazy over one troll’s nasty comment.

The sun was high in the sky, casting a warm glow over the sprawling park in the heart of New York City. Angelo, a passionate advocate for animal rights, was canvassing for signatures to support his latest campaign. He was determined to give possums a fighting chance against the perils of the urban landscape, and he believed that securing them their own crosswalks was the way to do it.

But as he spoke to a woman about the plight of possums, his words were drowned out by the sound of a fierce battle nearby. To his dismay, the woman’s attention had been hijacked by Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, engaged in a battle against the cyborg Devos. Angelo’s booth, which was situated in the middle of the action, was destroyed in the aftermath when Moon Girl fell on it during the battle. Then, Devos stepped on it. Angelo was, understandably, frustrated. Moon Girl, caught up in fans cheering her on, did not apologize to Angelo for the damage she caused. She did not realize he was there.

As the day wore on, Lunella and Casey were excited to hear that their latest video was making waves on Moon Girl’s fan page. Most of the comments were overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising Lunella and Devil. However, one comment stood out like a sore thumb. Syphon8tr had made a crude and hurtful remark, saying, “the only thing bigger than that robot is Moon Girl’s forehead.”

Lunella was taken aback by the mean comment. She talked it over with Casey, who blocked Syphon8tr from the fan page. She advised Lunella to shake it off (ignore it) because the person was entitled to their opinion. The sting of the insult lingered with Lunella. She knew she needed to let it go, to rise above the negativity and keep moving forward. But Syphon8tr’s hurtful words were haunting her. Unable to sleep, she admitted to herself that Syphon8tr’s words were still bothering her.

Fight Fire with Fire

In the dead of night, Lunella woke up Devil, her trusty dinosaur sidekick, with a fierce determination in her eyes. She had a plan to prove once and for all that her head was of a normal size, using science as her weapon of choice. Coaxing Devil with playing Frisbee together after school, Lunella and Devil worked tirelessly to create a response video explaining that, while Moon Girl has a big brain, she does not have a big head. Eager to share their creation with the world, Lunella uploaded the video to their fan page without consulting Casey, her best friend and partner in all things Moon Girl. 

The next day, Casey was annoyed that she wasn’t told about the video, and her frustration only grew when she saw that Syphon8tr made a remix out of Lunella’s video, and it went viral. But for Lunella, this was more than just a simple prank or a case of cyberbullying. She unblocked Syphon8tr, and they battled it out in the comment section of the page. She neglected her schoolwork, her friendship with Casey, and she broke her promise about playing Frisbee with Devil. When Casey came to check on Lunella, she found what Lunella was doing. It was causing the popularity of the fan page to decrease. After begging Lunella to stop, Casey had to take drastic action and revoke Lunella’s access to the fan page, changing the password to prevent any further damage.

Locked out of the fan page, Lunella found herself at Run the Rink. Hearing her mother playing Syphon8tr’s humiliating song, she felt more defeated than ever. Lunella confides in her grandmother Mimi, who doesn’t use the internet. She said, back in her day, if someone had something to say, they said it face to face. Giving Lunella the idea of confronting Syphon8tr face to face, she thanked and kissed her grandmother goodbye.

To her surprise, when she finally located Syphon8tr at the Williamsburg Bridge, she found that he was an actual troll. “You know, for someone with such a huge brain, it sure took you a long time to find me,” Syphon8tr taunted, but Lunella refused to back down. 

How to Stop an Actual Troll

Casey was engrossed in her favorite reality TV show, Love Scent, when a breaking news report cut in, announcing that Moon Girl was battling a real-life troll. Casey knew she had to find out what was going on.

At the bridge, Moon Girl was exhausted. Using her goggles to analyze the symbiote Syphon8tr, she learned that it was an alien species that forged a symbiotic bond with its host, making it vulnerable to sonic-based attacks. However, when Devil roared, the symbiote only grew stronger, giving it the ability to throw green goo, sticking Devil and Moon Girl to the bridge. Moon Girl, saying Syphon8tr needed to stop before he destroyed the bridge, cause the troll to changed tactics. He wanted to take down Moon Girl, Devil and destroy the Williamsburg Bridge.

Casey found Moon Girl, using her finger nail polish remover to free Moon Girl and Devil. Casey reminded Lunella not to respond to the troll. Don’t feed the troll, starve it by not letting Syphon8tr’s insults get under her skin. By not reacting, she caused the troll to lose its strength. Determined, Syphon8tr climbed the bridge to cut its suspension cables, but he fell back down. Moon Girl managed to save him, but the symbiote separated itself and escaped into the bay.

Moon Girl and Casey were shocked to discover that Angelo, also known as Possum Boy, was actually Syphon8tr all along. Angelo’s jealousy of Moon Girl’s attention led him to become the perfect host for the symbiote. He apologized to Moon Girl for his actions, and they made peace with each other. Moon Girl offered to help Angelo with his activism, and together, they created a successful anti-bullying campaign.

The episode concluded with Lunella and Casey teaching Mimi a new dance move while she dealt with her own trolls – Run the Rink customers who disliked Mimi’s cooking.

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