NU’EST Shows Off Their Artsy Side with “Love Paint” MV

NU’EST finally made their comeback on August 29th with the music video their new song “Love Paint (Every Afternoon)”.

After rocking a dark concept earlier in the year with their last single “Overcome“, the group goes for a softer, more artistic look. “Love Paint” is a dance-pop song, but it has a very chill and mellow sound to it, and the music video reflects that. Everything is bright and colorful, but in a subtle and ethereal way.

While I’m digging the change, I have only one problem with this comeback: Ren’s pink wig. It’s hideous. Okay, so maybe hideous is too strong of a word, but it doesn’t compliment Ren’s face at all.


Worse, pay close attention to the guy on the right with the blondish-brown hair standing next to Minhyun below:


That’s Ren. He looks really good with this hairstyle. I don’t understand why Pledis made Ren wear a wig all throughout the video when his real hair looks perfectly fine. Hopefully, they’ll let him show his hair more during album promotions (or at least get him a better wig).

Anyway, “Love Paint (Every Afternoon)” is the title track off NU’EST’s fifth mini album, Canvas. The group’s last mini album, Q Is, was released back in February.