Jay Park Releases New Single “The Truth Is”

Singer-rapper Jay Park released his new single “The Truth Is” Monday (March 21). The emotional R&B ballad, produced by Groovy Room, shows a more vulnerable side of Park as he sings about his complicated feelings towards an ex-girlfriend. The animated…

23 Things I Betcha Ya Didn’t Know About Pikachu

Happy Birthday Pokémon (and Pikachu)! The multi-billion dollar franchise turned 20 on February 27. In honor of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, I wrote an article “27 Things I Betcha Ya Didn’t Know About Pokémon” and while doing some research, I found a…

What’s up with Black Desert Online?

If you are into sandbox MMORPGs, this game might be a good pick for you. It's beautiful, has insane character creation options and there is a lot to learn and explore. It is a PvP game though, so watch yourself!

Black History Month: Garrett Morgan

(This was an article I’d written when me and my family decided to post one article a day for Black History. We eventually decided to combine everything we learned into one list, but since this article has already been  written,…

Change, is good.

When you look at someone's art and you realize, although your morals and ethics haven't changed, your perspective on things DID change.

Racial Designations Over Time

Looking at how racial designations change over time, one can clearly see how people of color were still being segregated long after slavery was abolished. Use caution when adding potential ancestors to your family tree.