Rookie K-Pop Group Snuper Releases “Platonic Love”

Snuper keeps things bright and colorful with their song “Platonic Love”.

When I learned that Snuper had a comeback earlier this month, I decided to check it out. Snuper is a six-member group consisting of members Suhyun, Sangho, Taewoong, Woosung, Sangil, and Sebin. They are signed to WIDMAY Entertainment and are WIDMAY’s first idol group.

They first debuted in November 2015 with their mini-album “Shall We” and the titled track “Shall We Dance”. While the music video was too bright and sugary for my taste, the song was catchy and upbeat.

For their latest single “Platonic Love”, Snuper sticks with their high-energy sound but this time, they decided to experiment with 80s-inspired retro-pop. The music video for “Platonic Love” reflects this; it’s set in a roller rink, and some parts of the video have a grainy, VHS-inspired look.

With so many boy groups going for the mature, we’ve grown-up look, Snuper’s bright and colorful image is a nice change of pace (part of me is still hoping for a bad boy concept though).

Snuper released their second mini-album, Platonic Love on March 8 with six songs “You Are”, 4차원의 천사 (4th Dimension of Angel)”, “Platonic Love, “Yes or No” and “U”.


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