Heize and Dean – “Shut Up & Groove”

“Shut Up & Groove” is a pre-comeback single teasing Heize’s upcoming album

The only reason I decided to check out Heize’s new song was because DEAN is in it. I have never heard of Heize before and I’m not a fan of female K-pop acts (too cute and childlike for my taste) but I am a DEAN fan. I figured if he was featured on the song, it had to be good. And I was right.

“Shut Up & Groove” is a fun, upbeat R&B/dance song that was composed by DEAN and 2xxx. DEAN sounds great as always and I think Heize’s singing and rapping skills are pretty good. The music video is simple, showing Heize and DEAN driving around the city in a convertible. Check it out below:

“Shut Up & Groove” is Heize’s pre-comeback single. Which means Heize should be coming out with an album soon.

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