Star Wars: Visions S2E3: In the Stars – The Force Within

Koten and Tichina find themselves at the heart of a battle for survival against the Empire.

Summary (TL;DR)

On a polluted planet ruled by the Empire, two sisters, Koten and Tichina, mourn their fallen mother and struggle for survival. Tichina, fueled by hope and a belief in her own Force powers, desires to fight back, but Koten, burdened by doubt, seeks only to hide. When Tichina is captured by the Empire, Koten finally discovers the Force within herself and unleashes it to save her sister. Together, they defeat the factory, and in doing so, begin to heal their planet. The stars, once hidden by smog, shine again, including the star representing their mother.

In a world gripped by the oppressive reign of the Empire, Koten and Tichina, two resilient sisters, find themselves entangled in a desperate struggle for existence. Their once thriving planet, adorned with pristine water and natural splendor, now lies barren and polluted, a stark testament to the Empire’s dominion. The towering symbol of their oppression, the Empire’s factory, casts a shadow of despair over the inhabitants, heralding a bleak future.

In the face of adversity, Tichina gazes at a radiant star illuminating the sky, witnessing its transformative power on the wilted flowers. As the star vanishes behind the clouds, the flowers wither, an allegory for the planet’s plight. Suddenly, the distant roar of a TIE fighter engine interrupts the serene moment. Tichina contemplates confronting it, her determination coursing through her veins. She attempts to tap into the Force, but to no avail. In a timely intervention, Koten emerges from the shadows, grabs Tichina and leaps them to cover. Concealed from the TIE fighter’s sight, they watch as it soars away. Frustrated, Tichina laments her missed opportunity, but Koten reminds her of the danger they narrowly avoided.

Tichina, a beacon of hope, unwaveringly believes in their strength to defy the Empire and restore justice to their planet. She recognizes Koten’s hidden Force powers, which she believes the latter suppresses. Furthermore, Tichina nurtures the belief that she herself possesses untapped Force abilities. Conversely, Koten, burdened by cynicism, doubts the possibility of victory. Haunted by memories of their mother, a courageous leader who once spearheaded a rebellion against the Empire, but tragically fell, becoming a distant star forever out of reach in the smog-filled sky.

As clean water reserves diminish, Tichina consumes the last precious drops, propelling Koten on a perilous mission to secure more. Unyielding in her resolve, Tichina insists on joining her sister to confront the Empire’s factory head-on, despite Koten’s initial refusal. Nevertheless, Tichina covertly infiltrates the factory, hoping to make a meaningful difference. Unfortunately, her presence is detected by a group of officers, leading to her capture. Driven by unwavering love, Koten fearlessly rushes to Tichina’s rescue, liberating her from the clutches of the Empire’s enforcers.

Reunited, the sisters race to leave the factory. However, in a poignant moment, Tichina’s indomitable spirit compels her to face their oppressors alone. Hindered by her inability to harness the Force, she becomes ensnared in the Empire’s grasp a second time.

Fuelled by love for her sister, Koten harnesses every ounce of her power, returning to save Tichina. Cornered and vulnerable within the factory’s confines, Koten seizes Tichina’s hand. Koten uses her Force energy not toward the AT-ST that claimed their mother’s life, but to the massive water container looming behind it. As the container tilts, pipes rupture, releasing a deluge of water that inundates the facility, engulfing its occupants.

With the factory reduced to ruins, Koten and Tichina stand on solid ground once more. To their astonishment, signs of life begin to reemerge across the planet as nature reclaims its dominion. Gradually, the once-polluted sky clears, unveiling the long-obscured twinkling stars. Among them, their mother’s star shines brightest, illuminating the universe with an aura of profound happiness.

Did Tichina Utilize the Force?

Following the gripping journey of Koten and Tichina, a question arises: Did Tichina, against all odds, tap into the power of the Force to aid in breaking the water container? The answer, in my interpretation, is a resounding no.

Drawing parallels to the story of Luke Skywalker, it becomes evident that one’s belief in their own abilities is crucial to connecting with the Force. Luke’s initial struggle stemmed from his lack of self-belief, but once he embraced his potential, he harnessed the Force’s might. Similarly, Tichina held unwavering faith in her mother’s strength coursing through her, yet she was unable to establish a connection. 

If she had indeed managed to harness the Force, after being unable to do so, it would have undoubtedly been a monumental moment, brimming with excitement. However, Tichina’s final words to Koten do not revolve around her own powers, but rather their collective strength to overcome adversity. She exclaims, “I told you we could beat them,” emphasizing their unity and resilience.

While Tichina carries her mother’s unwavering faith to fight for their home, it is Koten who inherits their mother’s Force sensitivity. The story presents an intriguing plot twist, open to individual interpretation. Comparisons can be drawn to Grogu, a young being with the mind of a child who is still learning to wield his powers. Anakin Skywalker also showcased exceptional Force abilities at a tender age. When compared with these examples, it appears unlikely that Tichina possesses the capacity to utilize the Force—at least not yet.

The tale of Koten and Tichina serves as a testament to the power of unity, determination, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of insurmountable odds. It highlights the indomitable strength that can arise from familial love and the legacy of those who came before. While the Force may not have manifested in Tichina’s journey, her unwavering belief and bravery played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative.

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