The greatest enemy of any one of our truths may be the rest of our truths

I was catching up on the new season of The L Word and there is an interesting storyline. Tasha is in the military, dedicated her life to the military, has an impressive career, but is under investigation for being a lesbian. Tasha’s desire to serve our country is honorable but at the end of the day, according to this storyline, which gender she decides to be intimate with is more important. She received discharge papers and to stay in the military, she has to prove the allegations against her are untrue.

She would have to live a lie.

That made me think about how many people I know live in a similar situation, but the consequences might not be as severe or living a lie is not as obvious. Think of the people who create alternate personalities online, where the reader would have no way of knowing the personality they begin to like over time is not real. Imagine meeting this person face to face, can you imagine the let down? The person who is mean, spitting venom online all the time but in person could never say those words. The person who is paper rich and cash poor. Let us not forget the person that makes every attempt to make their blog appear to have more traffic than it actually does.

Or worse, the person who begins to believe the lies because deep down, they want to be that other person so bad, particularly if the persona is more successful or accepted.

Be yourself because in the end, that is all we have. Even though Tasha is a great soldier, can she continue to be a good soldier if she has to watch everything does so that her relationship remains a secret? Her entire life becomes a battlefield, one wrong step and the game is over.

Just like putting an inappropriate picture online can get someone fired. Or some of the things writers publish on their blog could prevent them from getting a job because the employer took five minutes and Googled potential employees. The marketing department did their job (technically) and lied about a product’s features to get people in the store but will it be enough to keep people in the store? Which is more important, getting those people there or the consumers purchasing something (isn’t it the equivalent to those seeking Digg traffic)? Those investors start-up owners lie to in order to get the funds to take their business to the next level usually find out someone lied their ass off.

Doesn’t the truth usually come out? I have no idea where Tasha’s storyline is going but I am curious to see which path she decides to take. Shackled by a lie or free picking the truth.

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