Understanding discipline and ambition

Wanting something does not mean you will get it.

One of the hardest concepts for some people to accept: wanting something does not mean you will get it. Another one: it will not happen to me. Logically, thinking this way makes no sense, but as humans we aren’t always logical, are we? There are ways to stack the odds in our favor to aid us in achieving our goals, remembering that we might not accomplish what we want and we aren’t the exception to any rules. One tip often overlooked: matching your personality with the goal we are attempting to accomplish. Understanding your personality type, and comparing it to the task at hand, will help measure the odds of success.


These people are enthusiastic and hit strong. Hyped about their project/venture they seem to be unstoppable. Unfortunately, they have no endurance. Enthused in the beginning they jumped into the project and started running without having any idea on how to get to the finish line. When my daughter was younger I’d tell her, “Sweetheart, would you go get me…” and she’d take off. I’d patiently wait for her to come back because she left without knowing what I wanted. Her intentions were sincere but she had no direction. A large amount of people on the internet fall into this category.

Unfortunately some never take off at all

These people never “really” get started. The attempts are there, but they really never “do” anything. The internet is filled with people like this and a good example is when people see success, are briefly inspired by it but when they get a taste of the work involved, the desire fades and disappears.

Long-distance runner

These people realize they need to keep the same pace going through the entire journey. Enough to keep ahead of most but not too much to wear themselves out so they don’t have enough energy to finish a race. With online projects/companies the “race” isn’t over when success is achieved, the success has to be maintained and many times the work is harder maintaining success than trying to achieve success. If you are one that achieve success, you’re lucky because most people that make it this far quite frankly get stupid and think they don’t have to work anymore, particularly if they look around and see no “real” competition.

If you want a successful site/blog you must realize three crucial points:

1.Sprinters are nothing to worry about (they throw themselves out of the race).
2.If you don’t have consistent endurance (discipline) to run the race you won’t win.
3.If you win the race (achieve success) then the real work comes maintaining it (beating all the people who will want to race you).

Of course, knowing which type of person you are will determine the odds of your success. That’s why understanding and knowing who you are plays an important role. If I am one to procrastinate starting projects, a short-term fun project would be better suited for me than a “this is what is cool right now” long-term project.

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