VIXX Proves Their Kings of the Dark Concept with “Fantasy” MV

VIXX are the kings of the underworld in their latest music video.

After teasing fans over the course of two weeks, VIXX finally released the music video for their single “Fantasy” on August 14. “Fantasy” is the title track off their new EP, Hades, which was released three days before the MV dropped.

“Fantasy” opens with the piano riff from Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, then switches back and forth between an orchestral and dramatic sound to trap-inspired urban pop. The music video is absolutely beautiful and I love the dark and theatrical concept they came up with. Everything from the thorn-laden forest, the throne, even down to the liquid in the tubes makes you feel like VIXX are the kings of the underworld, just like Hades himself!

Hades is a part of VIXX’s three EP “Conception” series. Their first EP, Zelos, was released in April.

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