BTS Gets Sentimental with “Spring Day” Music Video

BTS tugs at the heart swings with their latest music video.

On February 13th, South Korean boy band BTS released Wings: You Never Walk Alone, the reissue of the group’s 2016 record breaking album Wings.  The album features all 14 tracks from the original and includes four new songs: lead single “Spring Day”, “Not Today”, “Outro: Wings and “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone”.

“Spring Day” is an alternative hip hop song with elements of British rock and EDM. The lyrics talk about missing the person you love and wanting to see them again. The music video switches back and forth from seeing the members by themselves to hanging out with each other (and on a giant mountain of laundry of all places). The video ends with member Jimin tying a pair of shoes to a tree branch, which in some neighborhoods, usually signifies that someone died.

The video doesn’t explain who dies though and fans have been coming up with all sorts of theories to try and figure it out. Some say Jin is the one who dies. Some think it’s Jimin. Billboard even suggested Jimin might actually be alive and everyone else is dead.

Unfortunately, we may never know the real story behind “Spring Day”, but at least it’s given fans something to do while we wait for “Not Today”, the second single off You Never Walk Alone. The music video for “Not Today” is set to drop February 20th.

You can purchase both the left and right CD versions of Wings: You Never Walk Alone or you can download the digital album.