World of Warcraft: Patch 6.2.2 brings back flying and more

Let’s look at what’s coming in patch 6.2. Flying is coming to Draenor. Finally!

Patch 6.2.2 drops (hopefully) on Sept. 1st. The patch is on the launcher if you want to download it early. So what’s in the patch? Let’s talk about it.

Flying in Draenor

If you were a diligent player, unlike myself, you finished everything needed for the Draenor Pathfinder achievement so on Tues., hopefully, you will be flying in Draenor! Remember that the achievement, once unlocked, is account wide so if you unlock it for one toon, all your toons will be able to fly.

Mercenary Mode

I spoke about the faction imbalance for PvP in a previous video. Blizzard is trying to address this in two ways, Mercenary Mode and buffing Horde racials. Players are now able to act as a mercenary for the opposite faction in PvP whenever your faction is experiencing a long wait time to get into Ashran or unrated Battlegrounds. Agents of the enemy faction will appear at your base in Ashran and allow you to enter Ashran or Battlegrounds disguised as an enemy player, and actually fight as the opposite faction.

While competing as a mercenary, players will automatically have their race changed into one appropriate for the opposite faction. Players will still be able to earn all the same rewards as winning or losing as their original faction (with the exception of faction-specific achievements).

Horde Racial Changes

The 2nd way Blizzard is addressing the racial imbalance is by buffing Horde racials.

  • Blood Elf
    • Arcane Torrent now Silences all enemies in an 8 yard radius for 3 seconds (up from 2 seconds), and now has a reduced cooldown of 1.5 minutes (down from 2 minutes).
  • Goblin
    • Rocket Barrage now has a 1.5-minute cooldown (down from 2 minutes)
    • Rocket Jump now has a 1.5-minute cooldown (down from 2 minutes)
  •  Orc
    • Hardiness now reduces the duration of Stun effects by an additional 20% (up from 15%).
  • Troll
    • Voodoo Shuffle now reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 20% (up from 15%).
  • Tauren
    • War Stomp now has a reduced cooldown of 1.5 minutes (down from 2 minutes), and cast time is no longer increased by damage (via spell pushback).
  • Undead
    • Touch of the Grave now scales its damage based on 50% of the character’s Attack Power or Spell Power, whichever is greater.

Will these buffs be enough to bring players back to Horde? Realistically, we wouldn’t see a real change for this until the expansion when players are making new Demon Hunter toons or preparing for their journey in Legion. It’s too soon now, especially since we are leaving garrisons behind.. Time will tell.

Garrison Decorations

Speaking of leaving garrisons behind, interesting Blizzard added an new events coordinator to  level 3 garrisons. Visit the coordinator during Hallow’s End or Feast of Winter Veil to obtain garrison decorations that are usable all year round. Now, this is a nice feature – being able to decorate your garrison but it would have been better if this was implemented earlier. Perhaps one day Blizzard will make an expansion that is relevant longer than one expansion. Give players a reason to go back to those areas, other than to level.

Raids & Dungeons

Tying in the events, players now receive a Timewarped Badge when they complete a Timewalking dungeon. These badges can be redeemed at new vendors that appear during a Timewalking bonus event. The new vendors sell new toys, new mounts, heirloom and reputation tokens, in addition to gear that scales up to the character’s level at the time of purchase.

The weekly events are now going to start on Wed. so players have longer to participate in them.

I’m a fan of the weekly events. Other MMORPGs have them and it’s long over due for WoW to have them.

Legendary Ring Quest Line

New weekly quests have been added to help players catch-up in earlier stages of the Legendary Ring Quest Line for Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.

There are class changes, they are adding a deserter mechanic to Ashran (it should be automatic at this point for anything), dungeon changes…I will have a link in the description to the patch notes. Don’t forget to start the launcher so you can download it early.

Are you ready for flying? Honestly, there was plenty of time to get it done, I just haven’t. I have the two things I don’t care about left: treasure finding and the reps grinds. I should have them done within a week or two. I’ve been spending more time outside of Draenor lately. If you have gold, grab the Medallion of Legion to help with the rep grind. It adds 1000 rep to all the Draenor factions. Depending on your server, it can be expensive. It’s 5K on mine. ?

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