Zico, Crush and DEAN Drops Collaboration Track “Bermuda Triangle”

Zico, Dean and Crush team up to bring us new music.

After teasing fans for the past few days, Block B’s Zico and R&B singers Crush and DEAN finally released their highly anticipated collaboration track “Bermuda Triangle” November 22.

The song is dope but I’m not thrilled with the fact that they went with the “Look at me now b**ch! I’m so bad, I’m so paid” route with the lyrics. They could be worse, but I take it as a sign that the more negative aspects of American hip hop (overuse of braggadocio, lyrics that are degrading and offensive to women, etc) are bleeding into Korean hip hop. That’s not what I want but I fear it may be too late as the two worlds are starting to collide with one another.

Anyway, the music video gives me a rags-to-riches vibe sort-of. You see the boys go from wandering through a bleak desert and eating dinner in a back alley to riding around in luxury cars and playing with gold-plated champagne bottles. Check it out below:


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