ArcheAge: Ships, cars, PvP, parties…

I decided to give ArcheAge a try, playing on the Russian servers. It is refreshing to play an MMORPG that brings new features to the genre.

I heard about ArcheAge when it was released in Russia. I longed for a game like that in the US. Honestly, the game dropped off my radar for awhile. I did not hear any news about it being released in the US until recently. I was so happy, I made a Black Widow, leaned back in my chair, and daydreamed about the havoc I would create in the game. Shortly after that, I saw there was an English patch for the Russian servers.

What is ArcheAge?

It’s a sandbox MMORPG. As a player, you will see a mix of confinement and a vast number of mind-blowing options. For example, there are only four races in the game currently but there are plans to add more. This means there are two options per faction. However, the character created will open up three skills sets between level 1-10, leading to 120 class combinations. The player will have a variety of options for character progression. Leveling, PvP, farming and crafting. Players will have the option to be good or bad, for example, becoming a pirate. There is a price to be paid for bad actions. Players can report your crimes and if enough crime points are accumulated, the player will be judged by a jury of their peers (players, not NPC), resulting in possible jail time. Those who have the guts can try to escape.

There are a multitude of choices. So excited, I started playing on the Russian servers…loving every minute of it.

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