ArcheAge – The housing options are INSANE!

ArcheAge has features that the average US MMORPG does not have. Like housing choices, guild castles, sea battles with ships. Glorious mechanics, but what about the implementation?

I noticed my mount was a higher level than I was, so I thought it would be a good time to get another mount or combat pet to level up. I took a portal to Mirage, an area to purchase goods in the game, and was completely distracted by all the housing options.

Each faction has their own style for housing. Why stop at houses? Wouldn’t it be cool if your guild had castle? Want something more peaceful and serene? How about a bungalow with a water farm underneath?

Once you have achieved that, you can start working on your line of boats…you know, for fishing or combat, especially if you want to be a pirate. You can have battles at sea!

The more excited I am, the more worried I am. Trion Worlds is not know for making the best business decisions and they, unfortunately, will have limited control over the additions to the US version of the game. Having played on the Russian version, I hope they are paying close attention to the problems to fix them before launching the US version.

Doubt it.

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