Beware of Valentino

Looking back on the time when on the time when looking for Mr. Right led to Mr. What Was I Thinking?

Can you believe summer is almost over? Labor Day is a couple of weeks away, and a lot of people are trying to squeeze in a last-minute summer romance before summer — unofficially — ends September 3rd.

I am not one of those people. But I’ve been listening to the Years & Years and MNEK collab “Valentino“, and I can’t help but think about my own encounter with Valentino…

I met him on Twitter years ago, during the summer. In his pictures he had flowing dark hair, summer-tanned skin, was lean and muscular, and I thought he was so hot. We tweeted at each other regularly and sent each other private messages, but our conversations never moved outside of Twitter.

To be completely honest with you, I was the one who initiated the majority of our interactions. If I didn’t, I would go weeks, months even without hearing from him. Looking back, I think the only reason I put up with that was because I was dealing with abandonment issues regarding my father, who was never around. I wanted to find someone who would give me a little affection — the little bit of attention that my father never showed me. And I got that little bit — a small sliver of what my little Romeo could give me, and at the time, it was more than enough.

But even though there were warning signs that this guy wasn’t as into me as I was into him, and it didn’t help that we lived in different countries. I ignored those signs because I was young and in love, and I desperately hoped that everything would work out in the end.

Until I found out the guy had a girlfriend. And while he was talking to me, he was flirting with other girls…and guys. Yep, my Romeo turned out to be a pure Valentino all right — a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And I was absolutely devastated.

But I survived, and eventually I moved on. I stopped talking to Valentino after I discovered the truth and I never heard from him again. A couple of weeks ago, I visited his Instagram for fits and giggles since he doesn’t update his Twitter much. And he hasn’t changed one bit. Perez Hilton’s blog has shown more evolution than this guy, and that’s one heartbreak I don’t want to experience again.

So be careful looking for that great summer love, or whichever season you’re in the mood for little romance. You never know where Valentino — or Valentina — will turn up next.

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