Make Your Happiness a Requirement

Making changes in your life can be scary. Don’t ignore the signs.

Happiness is a choice. A choice only you can make. Happiness is defined differently for everyone. Look at your life, realistically, and slowly begin removing what does not resonate with you. Removing what doesn’t make you happy will open more doors for you to invite into your life what does make you happy.

Change can be scary, there is no denying that. You know what else is scary? When life causes changes in your life that causes everything to crumble. Why does that happen? Because you didn’t take the opportunities when they were available to you.

There was a job I was not happy with. Intuitively, I knew I should have left, but I wanted to be responsible. Life kicked my butt, creating a tower like moment that left me doing exactly what I didn’t want to do, be jobless for a while. I had responsibilities!

You know what? That tower moment forced me to take some time and explore more possibilities. It is the reason why I’m techie, on the internet, having made wonderful connections with so many people. I stepped into my dream of being an entrepreneur.

What makes things scary is when you don’t believe in yourself. Believe you can do it, and you will passionately work towards making your dreams come true.

Listen to your intuition, your inner voice guiding you to your happiness. The right job, romantic partner, a place that feels like home, your tribe of friends…they can’t come into your life if you keep holding on to the wrong people or things.

Set yourself free. Be happy.

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