BTS Drops Beautiful Music Video for “Blood Sweat and Tears”!

BTS drops an absolutely gorgeous music video to promote their new album Wings.

BTS officially makes their comeback with their second full-length album WINGS, released October 10th. They also dropped the music video for their title track “Blood Sweat and Tears” on the same day.

The video is absolutely gorgeous. Everything from the set design, the costumes, and production quality is top notch (something a certain group from a big name agency didn’t get unfortunately). While I see some elements of the short films BTS released previously, I don’t see how they are connected to this MV. It’s like the group is telling a completely different story here.

But it’s okay because Justt Ally is going to do a theory video about this and will explain how “Blood Sweat and Tears”and the WINGS short films are connected. I know she can do it.

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