SHINee Premieres New Songs, Reveals Comeback Plans During SHINee World V Concert

SHINee dropped some hints on what to expect from their upcoming album.

SHINee wrapped up their SHINee World V concerts on Sunday. The three-day concerts were held on September 2-4 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul and were the first domestic concerts SHINee had in Korea since 2015.

While I didn’t get to attend the concerts in person (?), I did catch some live streams and have been watching videos on YouTube and Twitter, and I can say the show was awesome. The choreography was amazing and they finally performed “Trigger”, one of favorite tracks off their Odd album, live for the first time.


During the concerts, SHINee performed four new songs from their upcoming album. “Prism” was the first new song they performed, which was written and composed by Jonghyun and has elements of UK garage and deep house. The vibe of the song reminds me of f(x)’s “4 Walls“, which makes wonder if LDN Noise (who produced “4 Walls“, as well as SHINee’s “View“) worked on the album. “Feel Good” sounds like a mixture between pop, R&B and dance music. One of the new tracks is an R&B ballad with the hangul title “투명 우산” (according to fyjjong, the literal English translation is “Clear Umbrella”) and the last one is an up-tempo pop sounding tune called “So Amazing“.

SHINee also teased a new song in one of their concert VCRs. The song is another UK-inspired house jam (SM must really love UK dance music) and many Shawols believe that it could be the title track.

On the final day of SHINee World V, Key revealed that the new album would be released after Chuseok (three-day holiday in South Korea that runs from September 14 – 16). So SHINee should be making a comeback at the end of this month.

SHINee World V was a lot of fun and after listening to the new songs, I’m definitely excited about the new album. Sounds like SHINee will be diving head first into EDM and house music for their comeback, which I’m loving. I’m curious to see what SHINee has up their sleeves this time around.