Fixing past mistakes

Once and awhile, it is good to step back and look at things objectively. When I did this in Dragon Age 2, I realized I was making mistakes that were impacting game play.

I started playing Dragon Age: Origins the first time when it launched. I barely remember playing it because I was dealing with my Mom’s health issues at the time. In 2011, after finishing Dragon Age 2, I decided to replay the game and record it. I never finished it.

Picking the game up where I left off, I realized there was a flaw with my party. I spec’d Zevran to open chests, pick locks, etc. While he is a rogue, he was not created to fill that role. To make him do this, I crippled his ability to fight and by doing this, he died often. Looking at the previous game play, he dies over, and over again.

This time, it didn’t feel right having him spec’d inappropriately. I respec’d him properly, and started back at the main part of the storyline where I left off. It felt good to watch him play and not die foolish deaths.

In life, it is good to take an objective look at your life and see if you are doing things optimally. Who knows, you might look up and realize how much you’ve changed…for the positive.

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