My Love-Hate Relationship with Solas and Dragon Age: Inquisition

An Ars Technica article semi-spoiled the ending for me, and I love it!

I had a love-hate relationship with Dragon Age: Inquisition. When the game first came out, it was buggy and not as enjoyable as it should have been. However, when I revisited the game later on, it was working properly. I never ended up finishing the game, though, and I’m not sure why. I think I may have gotten burnt out on the Hinterlands, as many other players have reported. I wanted to complete everything in 100% mode, so I spent a lot of time in that zone. It took me forever to move on to the main story line. I remember having a conversation about the ending with a friend, but I don’t remember what was said or what the ending actually was.

Recently, I saw an article from Ars Technica with a picture of Solas standing next to a wolf and the subtitle “They call me the Dread Wolf. What will you call me when this is over?” Seeing Solas made me realize that he was an antagonist in the game, along with Corypheus. This made me laugh, and I closed the website, still not knowing how the game ends. I’m okay with not knowing, though.

I had always suspected that there was something off about Solas. When I first started playing the game, I noticed that he was the only character who didn’t have any loot in his room. This made me distrust him and I always felt like he was hiding something. I tried to logically explain to myself why I disliked Solas, but I didn’t have a good reason. It wasn’t like with Lotus in Warframe, where she did things that made me angry and want to kill her. I wanted to kill Solas, a supposedly trustworthy member of my team, more than Corypheus.

Now that I know he was the antagonist, I’m laughing and thanking my intuition for saving me from romancing him. Can you imagine the heart attack I would have had if I found out he was the bad guy after romancing him? I’m now curious about what kind of mess he has created and whether his storyline will be resolved in Dragon Age 4. I’m also wondering what happened to Blackwall and who becomes the new Divine.

Eventually, I’ll finish the game before Dragon Age 4 comes out.

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