Happy to be spoiled (I don’t care if I know the ending)

Makes me want to finish the game!

Dragon Age. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 but for some reason I had a “thing” with Dragon Age: Inquisition’s. When the game launched, I didn’t grab it. When I did start playing it, the game was buggy. I showed in videos where characters would not fight when they were supposed to and other glitches which made the game not as fun is it would be if it performed properly. Not too long ago, I revisited Inquisitions and it was working fine but to this day I still haven’t finished it. I thought perhaps I burnt myself out on The Hinterlands as many others have done. The zone is large and because I was in 100% mode, I wanted to complete everything. I should have finished the main story line in Hinterlands and moved on before I felt burnt out. While not spoiling the ending, I tried to keep up with the sparse releases of Dragon Age news. I vaguely remember having a conversation about the ending with a friend, but I don’t remember what was said to remember what the ending was. Until the other day, I was clueless on how the game ends.

Ars Technica released an article New Dragon Age still on track to exist, no release date given with the subtitle “They call me the Dread Wolf. What will you call me when this is over?” with a picture of Solas standing next to a wolf. I want to make it clear: I’m not saying Ars Technica did anything wrong because they didn’t. Seeing Solas made me realize he was an antagonist (along with Corypheus) in Inquisitions. At first my jaw dropped, then I laughed, and then I closed the website. I still don’t know how it ends and I’m cool with that.

Why did I laugh? I suspected something was off about Solas! At the beginning of the game when speaking with everyone, Solas was the only one that did not have loot for the player in his room. That disturbed me. From then on I always felt like he was hiding something. Why did everyone else have loot but him? I didn’t trust him because I felt like he was hiding something. It was a struggle for me because, realistically, I knew (logically) not having loot was not a valid reason not to trust and detest Solas, yet every interaction I had with him, I was suspicious. Rarely did I give Solas a break. When Solas entered my character’s dream with a conversation in fade, I was livid. To me, that confirmed there was something wrong with him. 

Today, I realized I was fighting my intuition. When I tried to logically explain to myself why I detested Solas I didn’t have (what I considered) a valid reason. It’s not like Lotus in Warframe where she did things that evoked my distrust, anger and extreme desire to kill her. I wanted to kill Solas, a (supposedly) trustworthy knowledgeable member of my team, more than Corypheus!

Now I’m curious what hot mess he’s created, because I obviously don’t kill him in Inquisitions. What did he do that takes a 4th game to resolve it? Will we finish his storyline in Dragon Age 4? I’m curious now! I will finish the game eventually, long before Dragon Age 4 comes out. Now that I think about it, I wonder what happened to Blackwall? He disappeared in my game. And who ends up being the new Divine?

I’m laughing and thanking my intuition, which saved me from romancing Solas. OMG, can you imagine the heart attack I would have had finding out he’s the bad guy!? 😂🤣

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