World of Warcraft vs. EVE – Brief overview comparison

Comparing EVE Online and World of Warcraft is like comparing apples and oranges. The two games are very different and have different goals, yet are often compared to each other.

I was asked to show a bit of World of Warcraft for people who never played the game. They wanted to know some of the fundamental differences between the games. Besides the obvious visual differences, I explain some of the many differences between the games.

If you play EVE, this video will most likely make you appreciate EVE more. If you’ve never played EVE…perhaps it will perk your interest to try it out. If you’ve never played WoW, perhaps you want to try it.

I also mention two EVE like games coming out. Notched announced one that sounds similar to EVE and RealArcalian linked me (thank you!) to one called Star Conflict – a PvP skill-based EVE type game.

I wonder if EVE PvP players will be interested in Star Conflict?

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