Heize Beats Up Her Teddy Bear in Her “Don’t Know You” Music Video

Heize teaches us how to get rid of your teddy bear. Who would have thought there would be so many steps?

Ever wondered how to kick your teddy bear (or significant other) to the curb? Well South Korean singer/rapper Heize teaches you how in the music video for her latest single “Don’t Know You”, released June 26.

In the adorable yet violent video, Heize shows you how to get rid of your teddy bear in fourteen easy steps:

  1. Hit it
  2. Hug it…then hit it again…this time with tools
  3. Play rude
  4. Lock it up
  5. Full swing (aka replace your golf ball with the head of your teddy bear)
  6. Humiliate it
  7. Push it off a very tall platform
  8. Shoot it
  9. Ignore it
  10. Slap it
  11. Rip open its chest and dig for gold
  12. Take it to the dump
  13. Shoot fireworks at it (make sure you’re wearing a wedding dress during this step)
  14. Set it on fire

Eventually, your teddy bear will have had enough, transforms into Onew from SHINee and leaves you.

Of course, there’s a much deeper meaning behind the music video. All the abuse Heize inflicts on her teddy bear is a metaphor for how someone’s bad behavior can push a significant other away. The lyrics for “Don’t Know You” speaks about the pain and regret Heize feels for taking her lover for granted and not realizing what she had until it was too late.

“Don’t Know You” is the lead single of Heize’s third mini album /// 너-먹구름-비 (You, Clouds, Rain)which was released the same day as the music video. Stream the new album below via Spotify:

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