Updated: SHINee Goes for a Slightly Darker Concept in Their “Tell Me What To Do” Music Video

SHINee switches things up for their repackaged album and new title track.

Update: The music video for “Tell Me What To Do” was released on November 15.

It’s a definite improvement from “1 of 1”. It’s a bit darker then I thought (Minho and Taemin fight over a girl and then Minho’s car bursts into flames…with Minho and said girl being inside the car when it explodes). It’s a mature concept that compliments SHINee perfectly. Oh, and the song is really good too.

You can stream “Tell Me What To Do” and the 1 and 1 repackage album on Spotify:


Original: SHINee’s getting ready for another comeback! The group will be releasing a repackage of their fifth studio album, 1 of 1, which came out in September. The repackage, titled 1 and 1, will drop on November 15. It will include all nine songs from the original album, plus five new tracks and instrumental versions of all the songs.

The title track is called “Tell Me What To Do”. It’s described as being a mid-tempo R&B song with some EDM elements mixed in. The lyrics are supposed to play out like a conversation between a long-term couple trying to overcome a difficult situation. The teaser for the music video came out earlier today (November 13):

Judging from the teaser, I can tell that this will be a huge improvement over “1 of 1”. The video looked cheaply made and the whole retro concept was poorly executed. It felt like they were trying too hard, but for this comeback, it seems like SHINee is experimenting with a darker concept. Which is great, I just hope that whatever this concept is, is done right.

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