Jay Park Releases New Single “The Truth Is”

Singer-rapper Jay Park released his new single “The Truth Is” Monday (March 21).

The emotional R&B ballad, produced by Groovy Room, shows a more vulnerable side of Park as he sings about his complicated feelings towards an ex-girlfriend. The animated music video also doubles as a lyric video, and features scenes of a dog acting out the lyrics of the song.

Before “The Truth Is” was officially released, Park posted a video on his social media accounts to discuss the song.

“We made the song about a year ago, but it kept on getting pushed back but now it’s finally coming out. I wanted to explain to you the content of the song.”

The co-founder of independent urban record label AOMG also went into more detail about the lyrics:

“It’s about a couple and of course the guy was being a dumbass and lost the love of his life.”

“Of course there’s a part of you that harbors ill will toward the person that left you. And also there’s a part of you that acts like everything is all good in front of everyone. But when you go home, you’re looking at old pictures of the two of you on your phone, crying like a little bitch.”

“There’s a part of you where you’re like ‘who do you think you are? You’re gonna leave me?’ and you forget to ask yourself why she left in the first place. Instead, you place all the blame on her,” he said.

“So you hate her and feel betrayed and want her to suffer and tell yourself, it’s all good, you got plenty of girls. When in reality you still love her and can’t help but to always still think about her. And you start to realize your faults and how you took her for granted and that’s why she left. And you want her back.”

Not sure if “The Truth Is” will be featured on Jay Park’s upcoming EP, Everything You Want, but it’s a promising sign we’ll be getting a lot of good music from him this year.


Source: Officially KMusic, Korea Portal

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