Babylon channels his inner Michael Jackson with “One More Night”

Oh, and the song is dope too!

I stumbled upon an article about Babylon on Asian Junkie the other day. I had never heard of him before. He’s a South Korean singer-songwriter and he recently released his first full-length album, CAELO, on October 4th. The music video for the lead single “One More Night” featuring VINXEN was released the same day the album dropped.

When I first heard “One More Night”, I immediately got some Michael Jackson vibes. It’s a mid-tempo R&B track with a strong funk-infused groove that reminded me of Off the Wall era MJ. Plus Babylon’s voice actually reminds me of Michael when he hits those high notes.

Unfortunately, Babylon doesn’t seem to be real popular compared to other Korean R&B artists like DEAN or Crush, but hopefully “One More Night” will change all of that.





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