Keeper of Secrets ~ Dragon Age Inquisitions (Mage)

Finishing up Hinterlands, the Inquisitor had to make choices. What makes people feel better? The truth or the option that can be easily proved?

Dragon Age: Inquisitions has an interesting story line questioning the religious foundation of the people in Thedas. How does one explain Corypheus and his claims? How does one explain how the Inquisitor is able to heal the sky if not for some sort of divine intervention? Why did all the religious leaders die? There are many unanswered questions that are causing the people living in Thedas to question their beliefs and the Inquisitor’s role.

To further confuse the issue, the Inquisitor is a Dalish mage. The elves has their own culture and religion. It is not uncommon for the Dalish to separate themselves from human societies in their quest to re-popularize  Elvhenan culture. Mages, for the most part, are feared because of their magical abilities. It is understandable why the people in Thedas are questioning the power the Inquisitor has, how and why she was given this power but also why a Dalish mage was placed in this position?

When confronted with the question of whether the Inquisitor is the Herald of Andraste and, specifically, if the Inquisitor can seal the rifts, the Inquisitor is faced with the moral question of the “right” answer. The truth (which she honestly does not know) or the option that can be easily proved – she can close the rift in the sky?

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