‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Recap: Into Rimecleft — Season 2, Episode 6

An unexpected member is key to the party’s quest for the next Vestige.

Summary (TL;DR)

Grog is haunted by a nightmare where Craven Edge turns him against his friends. Vox Machina reaches Rimecleft and meets Kamaljiori, Osysa’s mate, but to prove themselves worthy, they must pass a test. Grog struggles to control the bloodthirsty Craven Edge as the group chooses to emotionally wound Kamaljiori. Scanlan’s love ballad for Osysa strikes a chord in the sphinx’s heart, surprising everyone. Kamaljiori grants Scanlan the Vestige, Mythcarver, but Umbrasyl and Anna Ripley attack. In the ensuing chaos, a blood-crazed Grog mortally wounds Pike, and the resulting chaos leads to the party being separated during their escape.

Bad Dreams

Grog charges through the arena, his Craven Edge sword cleaving through foes with deadly precision. The crowd roars in excitement, but their cheers are lost on Grog as he sees the dying form of his ally, Pike, reach out to him. At that moment, he realizes the fallen fighters at his feet are his own comrades, the members of Vox Machina. Kevdak approaches a horrified Grog, telling him he has made the herd proud. But Grog is jolted awake, shaken to his very core by the nightmare. The Craven Edge only amplifies the terror, with its thirst for blood.

To Rimecleft

The dawn brings a new journey for Vox Machina, as they traverse the frosty mountain in pursuit of Osysa’s mate. Despite his exhaustion, Grog conceals his weariness from his friends. Pike attempts to address Grog’s strange demeanor, but Scanlan dismisses her concerns with a flippant jokes.

Keyleth asks Vax’ildan (Vax) how he’s adjusting to his new armor, the Deathwalker’s Wars. Vax candidly acknowledges the difficulty in accepting his role as the champion of the Matron of Ravens. Keyleth suggests seeking the Matron’s guidance, but Vax remains wary of the idea. The group eventually reaches Rimecleft, the mountain with the split peak that Vax had foreseen in his vision in the Sunken Tomb. Keyleth begins to discuss the legends surrounding the mountain, but the bitter cold prompts grumbling from the party. Percy offers his coat to Vex’ahlia (Vex), and Keyleth conjures a warming flame to comfort them all. Despite Pike’s attempts, Grog avoids the topic of Craven Edge, instead amusing the group by swaddling Scanlan like a child. Unbeknownst to the party, a raven silently trails them, unnoticed.

The Power of a Love Song

As Percy deciphers the ominous warnings inscribed upon an obelisk, Vex takes flight aboard her Broom of Flying. She discovers an entrance into the mountain, and the party ventures within. They are nearly attacked by Kamaljiori until Vax reveals their purpose, sent by Osysa. Kamaljiori offers them the information they seek, on the condition they survive his test. They are presented with three options: battle their way through a horde of death gorgons, navigate the Endless Labyrinth of Misery, or inflict injury upon Kamaljiori himself. Despite Grog’s desire to face the gorgons, the party decides to wound Kamaljiori.

They find themselves transported to an asteroid in a starry alternate dimension. As Vax approaches Kamaljiori, Craven Edge drains the strength from Grog’s arm, threatening to feed itself if Grog does not comply. Kamaljiori effortlessly shoots Vax from the asteroid, condemning him to an eternal fall until the sphinx is wounded. An incensed Vex charges forth, only to be struck unconscious. Grog, Keyleth, Pike, and Percy join the fray, disregarding Scanlan’s pleas for caution.

Left alone, the bard devises a cunning plan. He serenades Kamaljiori with a love ballad, weaving illusions of Osysa. A single tear cascades down Kamaljiori’s cheek, and he congratulates Scanlan for striking at his heart’s core. The two share an unexpected and intimate conversation, with Scanlan confessing his yearning for a companion. Kamaljiori counsels Scanlan to let love come to him, rather than actively seeking it.

Vox Machina awakens to the sound of Scanlan and Kamaljiori discussing lyrics, much to their bewilderment. Kamaljiori hails the party and praises Scanlan’s wisdom. He gifts the bard with the Mythcarver, a sword Vestige that will reveal the location of the other Vestiges. Scanlan experiences visions of a bow concealed within a tree in the Fey Realm, and someone resembling Grog wielding a gauntlet in Westruun. Grog dismisses the significance of Westruun, eliciting an outburst from Pike. Before the party can learn of the other Vestiges, the temple is attacked by Umbrasyl and Anna Ripley.

Siege of Rimecleft

Vox Machina prepare themselves for the ultimate showdown against Umbrasyl, with Kamaljiori by their side. The battle is brutal and intense as they strive to defeat the dragon. Grog becomes consumed by his rage, feeding Craven Edge on the dragon’s blood. Despite Kamaljiori’s formidable strength, Umbrasyl proves too powerful. His corrosive attacks mortally wound the sphinx. Umbrasyl tries to escape with Scanlan and the Mythcarver, but Kamaljiori saves Scanlan from falling to his death. Kamaljiori dies from his injuries, grateful to Scanlan for showing him the love of Osysa.

The possessed Grog goes on a rampage, attacking Umbrasyl as the dragon flies away with the Mythcarver. Keyleth casts a spell while Pike tries to subdue Grog. In a moment of tragedy, he stabs Pike with Craven Edge. Grog snaps out of his bloodlust, horrified by what he’s done. Keyleth fears her spell is incomplete, but Percy warns them time is running out. As the temple crumbles around them, the party is torn apart, teleported to separate locations. Vex, Vax, Percy, and Keyleth find themselves in a strange world of vibrant colors and bizarre creatures, but Scanlan, Pike, and Grog are nowhere to be found.

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