Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: Run the Rink

Lunella’s impatience puts her family’s roller-skating business in jeopardy.

Summary (TL;DR)

In the third episode of Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Lunella Lafayette volunteers to look after her family’s roller rink but gets bored and accidentally creates a popcorn explosion. She calls on Devil Dinosaur to help clean up but he damages her mother’s turntables. To raise money to fix the damage, Casey Calderon holds a special event at the rink featuring Moon Girl and Devil. Villains attack during the event, but Moon Girl defeats each one. A new villain named Gravitas uses a machine to lift the rink into the air. Moon Girl uses Gravitas’ own machine to save the rink and everyone inside. She also raises enough money to replace her mother’s turntables, without Adria suspecting a thing.

That’s One Way to Clean a Dinosaur

Moon Girl and her trusty sidekick, Devil Dinosaur are making their way through the bustling streets of the Lower East Side in New York City. But as they race past the crowds, trouble is brewing. With quick reflexes, Moon Girl spurs Devil Dinosaur on, and they dart ahead, leaving chaos in their wake. In the distance, a black van crashes into a street pole.

When they finally come to a stop, Devil realizes he’s been tricked! Moon Girl has brought him to the one place he never wants to go – the dreaded car wash. A comical tussle ensues as she tries to coax him in, but before long, they’re both frolicking in the bubbles.

Emerging from the car wash, they are as clean as a whistle. But before Moon Girl can celebrate, Devil flicks his tail, picking up a nearby dumpster, leaving him covered in dirt and grime once again.

Tuesday Blues

Lunella is having a great time at the roller-skating rink, which is owned by her family and is called “Roll With It”. She’s gliding around while sipping on her favorite drink. Her mom tells her that the adults are planning to go to “Roller Jam” in New Jersey, and that Lunella will be left in the care of Sam, who works at “Hasty Mart”. However, Lunella is more interested in her grandmother Mimi’s delicious popcorn. Unfortunately, Mimi’s popcorn isn’t ready yet, and Lunella is getting more and more impatient by the second.

In her eagerness, Lunella suggests inventing a device to hasten the process, but Mimi reminds her that patience is the most vital ingredient. Just then, Pops gets a call from Saul, saying he has gout. This unexpected news throws the family’s plans for the night into chaos. With no one else to turn to, Lunella volunteers to look after the rink. Initially hesitant, her parents eventually agree, with Mimi chiming in that the experience could be valuable for Lunella’s personal growth.

As soon as her family departs, Lunella jumps into action, tending to the roller skates, fixing herself a drink, and attending to the popcorn. However, the monotony quickly gets to her, and after a mere 15 minutes, she’s already bored out of her mind. In a bid to make her tasks more exciting, Lunella constructs an engine to speed up the process, only for it to go haywire and fill the rink with popcorn.

Desperate to fix her mistake, Lunella calls on Devil to help clear up the mess. But in his enthusiasm, he accidentally damages Adria’s beloved turntables. The destruction sends Lunella into a frenzy, but thankfully, she has a best friend like Casey Calderon, who comes to the rescue. Together, they search for replacement turntables and find a pristine set that resembles Adria’s but come with a hefty price tag.

But Casey isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. She has a plan up her sleeve that could save the day.

One Night Only

Roll With It is gearing up for a one-night-only event featuring a special appearance from the one and only Moon Girl and Devil. While Lunella isn’t too keen on using her superhero alter ego to raise funds, she knows that desperate times call for desperate measures, especially with the damage caused to Adria’s turntables.

The news of the event quickly spreads through the LES, drawing in a massive crowd of fans hoping to catch a glimpse of Moon Girl in action. Even when Ahmed shows up to check on Lunella, he’s caught up in the excitement of seeing her superhero identity. However, the excitement is short-lived as Moon Girl’s enemies seize the opportunity to ambush her.

First up is Olympic reject Instantanegirl, but Moon Girl easily dodges her attacks, sending her flying off-screen. Then, a giant mutant baby named Man Baby gets in on the action, chomping down on Devil’s tail before getting his comeuppance. Although Casey is thrilled to see Moon Girl has her own Rogue’s gallery, Lunella is not amused, knowing that bad things tend to come in threes.

Enter Gravitas

As if on cue, a new villain named Gravitas arrives seeking vengeance. Remember the black van that crashed earlier due to Lunella and Devil? That was Gravitas behind the wheel, and the money he stole in a robbery was burned to a crisp. With a strange machine on his back that allows him to manipulate gravity, Gravitas uses it to raise Roll With It and everyone inside the building up into the air towards the stratosphere. While Lunella takes a timeout to recover, she berates herself for getting herself into this mess. Mimi’s advice about patience comes back to her, and she comes up with a plan to defeat Gravitas.

Moon Girl returns to the fray, dodging and twirling to evade Gravitas’ attacks. However, she can’t stay on the defensive forever and falls to the ground. Gravitas aims his arm cannon at Moon Girl, but his mechanism runs out of juice, giving Moon Girl an opening to beat him up.

Unfortunately, without Gravitas’ device, Roll With It starts falling out of the sky. After a brief struggle with Gravitas, Moon Girl takes his gravitational device and hooks it into her engine. She activates it right before the rink can crash into the ground, saving her family’s business and everyone inside. Gravitas is taken into custody, while the residents assume this was all part of an elaborate performance. Lunella and Casey use the money they earned to buy new turntables for Adria.

When the Lafayettes return to the rink, they are completely oblivious to the previous night’s events. Adria doesn’t seem to notice she has new equipment, and Lunella thanks Mimi for teaching her patience. It’s looking like Lunella will get away with everything until Ahmed falls from the ceiling.

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